With this being my current to-read/reading pile …

… my purse is usually carrying at least two books everywhere I go.  One night, while browsing the internet, I checked out Etsy for fun.  A few friends swear by this website for all their adorable handmade possessions.  I, for one, always doubt internet purchases, and was a bit nervous.  Until I found something that literally felt as though it was made for me.  With the constant book-in-purse carrying, I occasionally pull out my book to find one of the following:

1) My makeup bag has exploded and the pages of my book are now peach from my foundation.
2) The top of my pen has popped off and my book has been scribbled on.
3) In my shuffle onto the bus, I have smacked my purse into a pole and dented the spine of my book.
4) Things have bounced around and folded the cover of my paperback.

All of these things make me livid.  And so, a little creation by a small business named Unique Fabric Gifts, is my new favourite accessory.

This gorgeous “book envelope” arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!  Not only was my contact for the business, Maggie, absolutely lovely to deal with, but the product itself is flawless.  It arrived packaged extremely delicately, wrapped in a golden bow!  My first instinct was to test it out: I put in hardcovers, oddly shaped ARC’s, multiple paperbacks.  This little fabric beauty holds it all!  Now, my books will be safe and sound in the wild confounds of my purse or even my suitcase.

Unique Fabric Gifts have many gorgeous products including covers for ereaders as well!  I sincerely urge you all to check it out.  I will definitely be a returning customer!


5 thoughts on “A Wonderful Idea

  1. Isn’t Etsy amazing?! I’ve never had a bad experience with anyone on that site. I’m almost tempted to purchase one of these bad boys for myself based on your post, because I always experience the same problems.


  2. Thanks for this post! I just bought the book cover. Like you, I would have at least a book and my Kindle in my purse all the time and I cringe when I see their sad state when I take them out. This is an awesome idea!

    • I am so glad you got one! I hope you love it as much as I love mine. It has seriously solved my folded page/makeup covered/ripped book issue! Which design did you choose?

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