I’m not really a coffee table book kind of girl, not because I dislike them, but because my current living style doesn’t really warrant them.  Thankfully, Vahram Muratyan’s Paris Versus New York is the tiny answer to my artistic prayers!  A graphic artist born in Paris, Muratyan had always been fascinated with the soul of Paris.  After making a temporary move to New York City, Muratyan began noting significant cultural distinctions between the concrete jungle and the city of lights.  His findings became the inspiration for a blog entitled Paris versus New York, documenting everything from popular big screen names to popular barks to coffee comparisons.  The popularity of the blog led to the publication of his art into this book, under the same name.  Paris versus New York is a fresh and fun exploration of two major dream destinations!

Check out this animated version of the book!

6 thoughts on “Review: Paris Versus New York

  1. I had to look for this book at my library and I enjoyed it so much! The graphic cultural comparisons are so much fun and accurate. It is a very entertaining book!

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