Last summer, I picked up (and subsequently fell in love with) Jenny Han’s Summer series.  When an ARC of the first novel in her newest series, written with her college friend Siobhan Vivian, landed in our office, I was extremely excited.  Burn for Burn is absolutely nothing like the Summer series, except for the tell-tale sign of Jenny’s excellence: beautiful scenery.  Like Summer, Burn for Burn takes place in a quaint area, with a sense of calm and peacefulness.  The contrast of the setting versus the character’s feelings and actions is what makes the backdrop of the books so fantastic.

My coworkers and I were lucky enough to be invited out for lunch with Jenny and Siobhan when they were in town on their book tour.  Sadly, I was on my vacation at the time and was unable to attend.  However, when I returned back to the office, my coworkers presented me with this little gem:

Such a fabulous surprise to come back to!  THEN (as if this wasn’t enough) we were able to interview both ladies before their event in one of our stores.  Since I was unable to be there in person, I had a few of my own questions snuck in there!

Check out the Indigo Teen Blog for my full review!


One thought on “Review: Burn for Burn

  1. I picked up the Summer series a while back but have yet to read them. I’ve been shying away from these types of contemporary fiction just because I really can’t shake the enigma that summer romances typically never last. I’ve been told it’s a fantastic series, though.

    Burn for Burn is another book that’s been fermenting on my shelves as well. I just need that push, ya know?

    …yay! for signed books. :)

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