After all the anticipation, December is finally here!  My apartment is now bathed in Christmas decorations, including firefly lights that encircle my bookcase.  Needless to say, I am one happy camper.

Today, I pulled my pillow and blanket into the living room during the wee hours of the morning to curl up on the couch and read.  Though still not finished with my current, wonderful read (A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra), I had a sudden urge to start my newest find: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.  I am in love.  You know those books that are so perfectly written that you have a film running in your head the entire time you read?  This engrossing novel is told in the fictional first person narration of Zelda herself, and the words are so beautiful, I feel the need to read aloud.  Each word drips in the tragic and beautiful longing this literary pair felt for each other for the entirety of their lives.  It is memorizing.

Whether it is the cool winter chill breezing through my slightly-open windows, the dim light of the Christmas tree, or the thrill of falling in love with a new read, this morning was pure bliss for me.  There is something so peaceful and almost healing about a quiet morning.  After a few long and exciting weeks at work, it was exactly what I needed.

6323104It also made me ponder about all of the things that will be happening this month.  I can’t wait for the Christmas parties, the evening shopping, the traditional holiday shows and movies, the lights & buzz, the train rides and travelling to see our families.  I also went through my bookshelves, plucking out books I want to read while this feeling lingers.  My number one is a recommendation from my uber romantic best friend called The Bronze Horseman.  I’m not sure if it’s the snow on the jacket, the theme of war and love, or the heft of it (a honking 810 pages), but this book has everything to be the perfect holiday read.

Sometimes, I come home from work exhausted after rush hour transport and hankering for a big dinner and a nice glass of wine.  At those times, I find it tough to summon up the excitement and enthusiasm that I deem one of my most treasured personality traits.  It’s mornings like this that bring it back. Hope you are all enjoying the chill, the frost and the magic of this time of year!


4 thoughts on “December

  1. A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald sounds wonderful. I have been hearing good things about Bronze Horseman but have yet to read my copy. I think I’ll shoot for it on my Christmas break.

    Have a lovely week, Chels.

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