Layout 1Okay .. in one line: Gangster Squad is excellent.

I know I don’t really advocate for movies on here very often (mostly because my film tastes are really not that varied), but I do need to take a second to praise this one in specific.

Not usually much of a gangster-film fan, I have a hard time watching how old-time mobsters used to torture their debt-owing counterparts.  And although this movie wasn’t without those scenes, I would still go and see this a second time, in a heartbeat.

Gangster Squad is inspired by the true story of a squad of misfit cops and former soldiers who become the silent vigilantes credited for putting a big-time mobster behind bars.  With a phenomenal cast of actors (the legendary Sean Penn as gangster king Mickey Cohen, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone), and serious nonstop action, it was tough to find time to blink.  And seriously .. those quick one-liners were awesome.  At the part seen in the trailer, where a man tells Gosling “You can’t shoot me, you’re a cop”, to which Gosling replies “Not anymore” and fires, the audience in the theatre started clapping.  It was pretty fantastic.

So.. all that to say, if you feel like getting out this week, treat yourself to dinner and a screening of Gangster Squad!


5 thoughts on “Gangster Squad is Excellent

  1. I went and saw this opening weekend and despite the graphic scenes I really liked it. I love Emma Stone! And Sean Penn is an extremely talented! When this comes to DVD, I’m definitely buying it. My friend (who is a huge mobster movie fan – The Godfather, Scarface, etc) believes it will be the next gangster classic.

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