6304335How often does it happen that you pass on a book, then see the upcoming movie trailer and immediately kick yourself because the trailer looks SO BADASS?!  Personal answer: All the time.

I have refused to see many a good film because I have not yet read the book (and plan to.. eventually).  This list includes books like One Day, The Help and Interview with the Vampire.  I own all of these books, have read none of them, and am missing out on TWO good things because I fell off the wagon and didn’t read the book in time.  Now, guaranteed, you can’t read every book that is turned into a movie, nor can you expect to keep up with the various adaptations that are surfacing in Hollywood while simultaneously reading all the other awesome new releases, BUT there is always that lingering curiosity .. what if the book was better?

So, like I frantically read The Hunger Games before the movie hit theatres, I am attempting to devour Beautiful Creatures before next Wednesday, when I am (very luckily) getting to see an advanced screening of the movie!  For any of you who know me, you’ll know that I sure do love books, but I sure am a slowpoke.  So, my coworker Natalie and I grabbed our copies of the book and began reading.  She is kicking my butt by a hundred pages or so (of the kind-of massive 560 pages), but I do plan on using my weekend to bridge that gap!  All the while, our friend and coworker Chandra (from the Indigo Teen Blog) awaits our reviews with bated breath, as this book is one of her all-time faves!

So tell me, do you read the books before the movie?  Does the movie make you move the book up in your reading pile?  Are you going to see Beautiful Creatures!?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures (Or from Book to Film)

  1. I always try to read the book before the movie! As much as I was dying to see Cloud Atlas in theatres, I forced myself to wait. I was intrigued by Beautiful Creatures but the trailer didn’t amaze me. Maybe I’ll still read it and then check out the movie when it comes out on dvd :)

  2. I’ve read this series, Chelsey. It’s pretty good. I love how the authors stayed true to the books’ Southern roots. I hope you’ll like it. I’m dying to see the movie and yay! for you for scoring advance tickets!

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