z214081345_largeI love being a nerd.  I only wish it was cool to be a nerd when we were kids.  But, even in the book community, there are still sometimes little judgments that shock and appall us about other bookies.  So, I thought it would be interesting to lay some of my readable confessions out on the table and perhaps you’ll feel inclined to share a few of your own!

1.  I am a jealous reader!  No matter what I am currently reading or how much I love it, I will automatically become jealous of my friend or coworker who looks more into their book than me.  I wish it didn’t happen!  Today, after listening to a coworker talk so passionately about her current read, I was so close to putting my own book down to see what all of the fuss was about.  I refrained ..but for how much longer?

2.  People always ask how I can manage to read so many books at once.  I can’t.  I just pretend I can. Most of those books that I started and abandoned in persuit of something else, will never be finished.  A sad, sad demise.

3.  I have never re-read a book.  EVER.  I have re-read favourite parts, or sit staring at my favourite books remembering what it was like to read them, but I have two reasons for never picking them up again:
(a) I already know what happens and I am a plot driven reader.  I can’t stop until I KNOW HOW IT ENDS!
(b) There are hundreds of books in my house.  I always feel like I will never finish, ESPECIALLY if I stop to re-read.
Confession 3.5: I really wish I didn’t feel this way!

4.  I have occasionally forgone food for books.  Mostly in university.  Some people don’t think this is a big deal because they forget to eat when reading anyways.  I do not.  I love to eat and never forget that food or eating exits.  I used to just buy as many salad ingredients as I could so that the salad would last a week.
…. Yep.

5.  I somehow made it through university without reading .. mmm, probably 80% of the syllabus.  I had other things to read that I deemed more important, like Twilight and Douglas Coupland’s new book.  I often wondered how people could say they didn’t have TIME to read with school.  Now I see why.  They actually read their school books!  My bad..

6.  I enjoy crying at the end of a book.  It is cathartic and soothing and makes me feel raw and human.

7.  If my boyfriend is out for the night, I sometimes have a date with my book.  Candles and wine are included and if we are having a particularly luxurious time, I may put some of my favourite aromatherapy bath salts in the tub.  (Just kidding, that’s not a special occasion ..that’s all the time.)

8.  I used to lie about feeling sick so that my dorm friends would go out without me, then spend a blissful night locked in my dorm alone with a book.

9.  I HATE borrowing books from people.  Not only do I love the possession of owning my current read, but I also feel anxiety reading someone else’s treasured books.  What if I drop my coffee on it?!  I also feel weird buying a book once I have already finished it.  Now, if I buy it and magically love it, that just made the buying it a VERY good choice ;).

10.  I have not finished the Harry Potter series.  This is probably the one that shocks most people.  I think I immediately get unfollowed after these kinds of confessions, but I am bearing it all for you guys!  I read all the ones available to me as a kid, but was onto new things when the 5th book came out.  I have always wanted to go back and someday — SOMEDAY — I will RE-READ the first few and finish the series!

So everyone, those are my readable confessions.  How about you?


8 thoughts on “Readable Confessions

  1. I love this post, Chelsey! What a great idea too :) Hahaha to number 7 and 8!
    I too could never give up food for books, and if I’m really enjoying something, it WILL come to the table with me (which my family hates). hehe

  2. I always did number 8… I was never one who was interested in going out to bars and my friends loved it, so I was always sick or too busy with “school work” (which I also never read most of my syllabus and read other books instead as well). The re-reading one though, I used to do that all the time before I started blogging, I had a set of three books that I would always go back to over reading a new book. And I still will try to go back every so often when I get the chance LOL. Great post Chelsey!

  3. This was a fun post :). I think you will find, though, that with time you just might end up rereading some of the books. It’s amazing how much we forget! :D

  4. I get super nervous about borrowing books from people too! I’m always paranoid something terrible is going to happen to their beloved copy that they have so generously leant to me! Hmm I’m going to have to think long and hard about my own book confessions (besides the borrowing one)…I’m drawing a complete blank right now! Such a fun post though! I loved it!

  5. I hate borrowing books because of the spine! I’m always so paranoid I’m going to crease it and you never know who hates that or not. I personally like the worn in feel of books, but some people love the fresh off the shelf look.

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