DinnerDisclaimer: I read The Dinner last October and in my frantic state after finishing, I (of course) wrote nothing down.  However, my visceral response to this book as well as all of those around me who had read it is enough to spark my memory.

The Dinner was already an international bestseller by the time it landed between my hands.  The story of two brothers, Serge and Paul, and their wives out to dinner sounds tame, if even a bit boring.  But what goes on during this meal, both contextually and sub-textually is enough to give your nerves a severe shake.  Leading completely different lives — Paul, your average suburban father and Serge, a presidential candidate — the two are thrown together, along with their doting and loving wives, when their teenage sons are involved in a shockingly violent crime.  From the overly priced appetizers through to the end of the meal, the tension between the two couples becomes so palpable, you think you may be able to reach out and touch it. But be careful if you do.

The Dinner is one of those books you just can’t go into detail on.  So instead of book detail, here is a testament to how thrilling a read it was..

Intrigued by the cover, I listened to my coworker explain it to me, bubbling over with enthusiasm.  I returned the next day half finished and sneaking peaks at it all through the day.  I had found out what the crime was and now I had to know what the heck was going to be done about it? I spent one more night, literally letting the water in the tub go cold because I couldn’t tear my eyes away long enough to get out and into bed.

This novel is a terrifying peak into the innards of a family; the gooey, raw parts that demand protection, and at often times, threatening defense.  Let the book speak for itself, and give it a try.  Though I must include that you NEED to know someone else who has read it, because this book has yet to be finished without a heated debate close on it’s tail!


4 thoughts on “Review: The Dinner

  1. Wow, sounds intriguing, Chelsey! I’ve seen this at work of course, but hadn’t heard much about till now. Might be worth checking out :)

  2. This book appeared has been on my radar over the past two weeks but I’ve been on the fence about reading it. You’re right about the synopsis sounding so tame (that was my initial impression), yet I keep hearing people talk about how thrilling it was! I think that I’ll definitely have to pick it up now!

  3. This book was so shocking to me, after finding out the crime and then how the parents reacted I was just like WHAT?! It’s so hard to talk about this book with people who haven’t read it because there is just too much of a possibility of giving out spoilers. But I definitely loved this one!

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