WarmBodies3The unnatural silence of a room full of people who don’t breathe is surreal.

Meet R, a young, inquisitive, witty, music-loving guy who also just so happens to be  dead.  R recalls nothing of his past life, only that he was once human and then something (obviously horrible) turned him into a brain-eating creature.  Regardless of his poor communication skills which consist mainly of grunts and slow nods to his friend M, R has a cunning and intellectual mind.  While wandering around his home in an old airport, R contemplates if this is all his existence will ever be: shuffling around, moaning and wondering who he is.

Enter Julie, daughter of the Army Colonel, and girlfriend to Perry, whose brain now serves as R’s most recent meal.  When R sees Julie in one of the zombie ambushes, something in him snaps.  He smears blood across her face to hide her human scent and brings her back to the airport, where he resides in a vinyl-filled 747 airplane, permanently grounded on the pavement.

What blossoms between R and Julie is one of the most tender and “awww”-inducing connections I have ever read.  There are so many fantastic themes in this novel, from love and acceptance, to the overcoming of traumatic experiences, to the future of our world and how we value our place in it.  With wit, humour and true heart, Isaac Marion creates the most sympathetic and lovable zombie you have ever read or seen.

These gorgeous sketches are found at the beginning of each chapter.  Loved the way this package was put together.

These gorgeous sketches are found at the beginning of each chapter. Loved the way this package was put together.

On a personal note, I proceeded with caution during this read after watching Marion engage in a battle on Twitter a few weeks ago, over genre stereotyping.  The argument of whether or not this novel is Fiction or YA has surfaced and resurfaced many times.  To be honest, I read it, I really enjoyed it and I couldn’t care less what genre the book is classified under.  It was gorgeously written and R’s discourse often felt like poetry.  I stopped to reread lines like the one at the beginning of this post over and over.  Simplistic, but so picturesque!  Can you actually imagine being surrounded by a crowd of people in complete and utter silence because their bodies make no noise at all?  What a haunting image.

And of course, the film.  I loved it!  Though there were certain more gritty and dark themes from the book taken out for the movie production, I felt like the film truly captured exactly what I loved about R, Julie and M.  R’s expressions were so spot on, I felt myself smiling for the majority of the movie.

All in all, this is a book & movie combination that is definitely worth the attention.  Prepare to fall in love!


5 thoughts on “Review: Warm Bodies

  1. Loved this book but the movie was a big, resounding meh. I thought that the film was overtly chick-flickified (?). Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I am, after all, a chick. Lol. Loved the book version better but it’s nice to put a face on the characters.

    • Haha! Love your new word there. Chick-flickified! Can we get that added to the Dictionary? Let’s look into that..
      I’m surprised to hear you weren’t as big of a fan of the movie! My boyfriend even liked it, and he steers clear of any romcoms. But it’s true, the movie did take out a lot of the darker themes of the book. I’m glad you enjoyed the book as much as you did though :).

  2. I loved this book too. It’s everything that you said in your review!

    I didn’t really realize that there was such a debate about whether this book would be YA or Fiction… I would’ve guessed Fiction or SciFi/Fantasy myself. What was the author saying?

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