If I could start this by hiding behind my couch pillows, I would. This has been the longest I have gone without posting something in AGES, so for that I apologize! But, I swear I have good reason. So here we go with the updates!

1. Work has been cah-raaay-zeeeee! I know this is not usually an excuse, because my job is a 9-5 BUT, recently it has been a bit more like a 9-6 or 7. This is mostly because I have really wanted to clean things up before I leave on vacation next week. I am an anxious person, and leaving things in good shape is important to me – so, that is that!

2. I went on a bit of a buying (but not reading) spree. I have got to say, I have no clue what got into me. I went a bit nuts. I had a huge list of a bunch of books I wanted to read (but had almost no time to) and just decided to go and get them all. I think I bought 9 books in a month. For most book bloggers & book tubers, this may not be a lot, but if you saw the amount of books I already own but have not read, you would totally understand why this is a HORRIBLE idea. However, it has given me a fantastic loot to read on vacation .. which leads us to my next point.

3. I’M GOING TO PARIS! Paris, France has been a lifelong dream for me (like it is for many people). I’m not sure where the fascination actually came from, but since I can remember, Eiffel Towers have appeared on my walls, desks, notebooks, etc. One of my most prized possessions is a glass Eiffel Tower my friend brought back for me after a trip she took in high school. Not to mention that is the symbol of romance and Jay and I have yet to go on a romantic vacation just us two. I am SO excited!

0964. I chopped off my hair! For four years in university, I rocked jet black hair. I use the word “rocked” lightly, as it was more of an “I really thought I rocked it” kind of thing. Note to all: it takes FOREVER to get your hair healthy again when you decide to go back au naturale! After having to grow my hair out a few inches and looking ridiculous with two-toned hair, I had to bleach the shit out of it to get the black out. This turned my hair a bright orange, so I had to dye on top of it (twice) to get close to my natural colour. Approximately five hundred dollars and two long hair-dressing appointments later, I had an alright colour, but horrible textured hair. It has taken me a year to grow out the horrid coarse strands into actually healthy hair. So last night, I chopped the rest of the dead ends off. I am HEALTHY! I don’t think I have had my hair free of dye since I was fourteen. Wooohoo!

Velma5. I healthed up! (I just made up that word and it makes me feel like NPH .. SUIT UP! HEALTH UP!) After finally getting benefits in my own name for the first time EVER, I made a gazillion appointments with every health professional I had not seen in years: doctor, dentist, optometrist. After weeks of lunch-time appointments, I finally feel like a healthy human being again. Now, to start eating healthy and exercising. *cough* BUT I did (as a result of one of these appointments) get new glasses! I CAN SEE! As I have aged, I’ve been less and less comfortable with my contacts in. Though I prefer the illusion (both to myself and to others) that I have 20/20 vision, it is totally not true. So, having glasses with the right prescription that have a little attitude to them has gone a long way for me! With the hair and glasses combo, I kind of feel like Velma Dinkley.

6. I’m in the middle of not one, not two, but three books right now. And I actually mean THE MIDDLE. Though I am enjoying them all, I do really want to finish them all off and pick up a John Green book. I have been having a major craving recently and can’t get over it. Plane ride to Paris, meet John Green (who actually has a great video about airports up on Vlog Brothers here).

So guys, that’s been my life recently. I have some fabulous books being reviewed in the next few months, so stay tuned! But until then, whatcha reading?


4 thoughts on “Life Updates And An Apology

  1. Love the new look, Chelsey! And congrats on getting your hair healthy again :) I loved the black on you, but au natural is always better.

    Hope you get some rest and relaxation when you’re gone to Paris! Can’t wait to see pictures when you come back. :)

  2. Your hair and glasses look great!!! I had black hair for a couple years, but couldn’t afford the hair appts to dye it back to blonde, so I spent a looooong year and a half growing it out! When the blonde was finally down to my chin area I chopped it! I feel your pain.

    I hope you have an awesome trip to Paris and that life calms down for you a bit when you get back! :-)

  3. I’ve missed your blogging! Glad to see you are back :) Your hair looks FANTASTIC, and thats great that you got all “healthed” up! SOOO exciting that you are going to Paris!! You’ll love it! Make sure you stop by Shakespeare and Co. one of the most famous bookstores in the world! Also, you should make it a point to read Anna and the French Kiss before you go to get you even more in the Paris mood :)

  4. Eh. No apologies needed. Life happens and no matter how much I look forward to your posts, I don’t take offence if you don’t post for days…though, don’t do it again! Lol. Just kidding. Your hair’s lovely, Chelsey and I hope you’ll have fun in Paris. I’m expecting beautiful pictures. :)

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