Back in February, I did a post on books that were getting a lot of buzz in my life and that I am overly excited about.  This post contains books that won’t be out for a while, but are worth keeping an eye out for!  Without further ado, here is installment numero deux!

nightfilm1. Night Film – Marisha Pessl

I read a review from a Random House employee on this book months ago.  She had read an electronic manuscript, meaning I had to wait until physical ARCs became available and attempt to snag one from the Fiction team at work.  Pessl’s first book (which I have admittedly not read),  Special Topics in Calamity Physics was met with great praise in the UK, but less so in North America, but there was something about the description of Night Film that completely hooked me.  I am a big fan of dark novels, but I much prefer the scary to the disturbing.  Night Film centers around the death of Ashley Cordova, the daughter of a notorious filmmaker.  Her father, Stanislas Cordova is credited for being the man behind some of the most horrific films in existence, so much that his screenings were taken out of the Hollywood spotlight and into the eerie film underworld.  A cult developed around Cordova, who withdrew from the public eye and remained an elusive and secretive figure, filming all of his movie on his personal estate.  Our narrator, a journalist named Scott McGrath, has been burned by Cordova in the past and is set on exposing him as the twisted man, somehow responsible for the apparent suicide of his daughter.

Night Film has one of the most unique structures of narrative I have ever seen.  Interweaved with the text are internet searches, news articles, transcripts from previous conversations, and more.  I am a hundred pages in (regrettably putting the book down to finish a few other previous commitments) and I feel as though I am the detective putting facts together and I LOVE IT.  I am both intrigued and terrified about where this book could go!

Night Film hits shelves in August!

Universe2. The Universe Versus Alex Woods – Gavin Extence

Already released and receiving brilliant praise in the UK is this tale of a teen with an unconventional life who finds himself going through Customs in Dover with 113 grams of marijuana and an urn full of ashes.  This story is his explanation about how he got here.  A UK BookTuber, Suddenly Lorna, did a wonderful review of the book that immediately made me want to read this (check it out here).  Most of all, her comparison of the WAY the book made her feel to the way she felt while reading John Green GOT me.  Anyone who can give me all those Green-esque feelings immediately leaps on the to-read list, though I remain skeptical of anyone who compares authors to him.  I WANT to believe them, but when an author blows up, suddenly every author is the “next John Green”.  However, I actually believe Lorna.  This is definitely a book to look out for!

The Universe of Alex Woods hits shelves in North America in June!

Only two books this time but that’s because these one needs MAJOR attention. Keep your eyes peeled this summer, friends!


2 thoughts on “Books with Buzz (2)

  1. Ooooh! Night film sounds EXCELLENT! Definitely adding it to my list! I love a book that can give me the creeps, and the format does sound really awesome!

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