This past year, I decided to start writing in a “One Line a Day” journal.  Every day, for five years, I will write one line about what made that day special.  Sometimes I am so sleepy that all I can scribe is “long day today, curled up with Jay and watched Jeopardy, fell asleep early.”  But then there are days that something happens, and stands out.  So I thought I would share with you a few of the more special things that have made my every day activities, happy.  I think I’ll make this an ongoing post and update it every so often!

Happiness is..

  • Chasing down a receipt that flew out of a lady’s bag on the subway platform and her being so grateful because she was on her way to return the item in said bag.
  • Spending hours on Skype with one of your favourite people in the world, who happens to be on the other side of the world!
  • When the bagels at your usual breakfast shop are coming out of the oven as you walk in the door.  Bliss!
  • Receiving a text from your best friend that reads “hope you don’t think this is creepy, but I made a Pinterest board for your wedding..”  Also, seeing the name of the board .. MOH Reporting for Duty.  =)
  • When you have a crappy day and receive a surprise email from your boyfriend saying “Don’t worry about this.  You are one smart chocolate chip cookie!”

Tell me about a few small things that have made your day!  Consider this our own little Book of Awesome =).


2 thoughts on “Happiness Is..

  1. Hi chelsey,
    I love this too. Especially #1….you probably made HER gratitude list with that simple act:). This year i bought a q&a journal and it’s one question a day has really kept me focused. Some of the questions are deep and some are fun. It’s also a 5 year journal so you can see how your answers change over the years. You should check it out. I got mine at chapters. Today’s question is: messy or neat?

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