It starts with hot chocolate on cold winter afternoons when you’re a kid. My dad would come outside and build snowmen with my younger brother and I, then we’d all run in the house for hot chocolate that my mom would have waiting for us.

Then as the years progressed, it became tea. I learned the sheer pleasure of reading in my small and cozy room, with just a lamp on, a tea, and John Mayer or Norah Jones playing softly in the background (and they are still my go-to)!

Then, when I moved to Montreal, I was introduced to coffee. Up until I worked 9-5, I was always a night owl. When it came to making my university schedule, I opted for late afternoon and evening classes, sometimes as late as 8:45 pm. During my breaks, when everything was closed, the bright signs for the on-campus Tim Hortons were like the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I began with triple-triples, then double-doubles and eventually eased into my current 2 milk, 1 sugar.

For the past few years, coffee has been a comfort for me. Unlike many people who use the caffeine as a physical pick-me-up, I use the warmth of the mug and the bitter taste of the coffee as an emotional pick-me-up. I love decaf coffees late at night, and regular ones first thing in the morning. I love the smell of a freshly brewed pot and feel romanced by the steam dancing out of it.

Coffee and I have a mutual love for one another, though I only tend to one (MAYBE two) cups of caffeinated coffee a day. My favourite part of the morning is cupping my mug with one hand, and scrolling through my morning emails with the other. For me, it is the perfect way to start a work day. It is also my favourite accompaniment to a book. On Saturdays when I should be sleeping in, I wake early, slink into the kitchen for a coffee and then back into the warm confines of my comforter with my mug and my book.

I know that for so many others, tea is the comfort, however I drink tea much less than coffee. It’s just a personal thing. But in all fairness, whether its hot chocolate, tea or coffee, the feeling of a warm, steaming mug between your cold and yearning palms is nothing less than idyllic.

What is your choice of warmth?


8 thoughts on “An Ode to Coffee

  1. Probably hot chocolate, but only in the colder months of the year. I don’t drink either tea or coffee, which often makes people do a double take, since a lot of people use it as a physical pick-me-up, like you said, and they can’t imagine not having something caffeinated in the mornings.
    I like the smell of coffee though, and equate it with coziness and warmth, even though I don’t drink it. :)

  2. I love coffee for all the same reasons, although I don’t get to drink it as often anymore (I’m addicted to flavored creamer and use SO much of it, it’s just not worth the extra calories anymore). But in some ways, not having it every day makes it even better when I do get to drink it.

    I’m so excited that it’s almost time for Pumpkin Spice creamer :)

  3. I wish I could like coffee because it smells so good and I like the idea of drinking it (which you described very well!). But when I try it… just no. I don’t like the taste. So I stick to tea and hot chocolate instead.
    I can’t wait for autumn – it’s the perfect time to cosy up with a book and something warm to drink!

  4. Oh my goodness Chels, what a beautiful post! I literally just put the kettle on before I read it, and now I can’t wait to have that mug in my hands. For me, it’s the sheer act of clicking that “boil” buttin, of pouring that steaming water over top of my tea bag…*sigh*…pure comfort. You should make more posts like these!

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