braveA friend of mine pinned this on Pinterest this morning, and though I hardly ever go onto this site, I went on today in search of some autumn inspiration pictures — and found this.  I love it. 

Books definitely shaped me as a kid, and taught me lessons that have lasted a lifetime. But more than anything, one book, and one girl taught me more than anyone.

It was Anne of Green Gables.  I’ve always been quirky and fanciful and have never quite got my head out of the clouds.  Anne taught me that that was okay.  Mistakes will be made, and you will learn from them.  Dreaming is powerful and without it, you would never be able to give your life direction.  Anne Shirley taught me to breathe deeply, take in the magic of the everyday and not be afraid to explore even the darkest of corners. 

I would love to hear which books gave you bravery and courage!



5 thoughts on “Why Kids Books Matter

  1. The Boxcar Children were my jam when I was a little Sarah. These kids clearly having to fend for themselves (at first) and solve mysteries and work together, it was just kind of awesome. Of course as an adult I’d probably be critical and wondering where the adult supervision was, but as a kid it was kind of magical. I kind of tried to “create” mysteries for me and my siblings to try to solve, like hey look at the red stain on that brick, it looks like blood, who done it? (It was clearly paint, lol.)

    • Omg.. you said Boxcar Children and some lights in my head went off. I don’t think I have heard of them in ages and I am pretty sure I read those when I was young too!
      That is also an adorable memory to have attached to books lol. Aww :).

  2. I also have many great memories of books I read as a kid. I just hope my kids can find some that they can remember and not just play on their devices and what not. I have a couple books I have put away for them for Christmas, I am already attached to them myself. Ones I hope they can keep and remember that we will look at every winter. Authors site is barbarabriggsward.com, the books are The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker. Just some fun holiday reads!

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