4:30pm – Work is over! Clean up my desk, throw my books, notebook and agenda in my bag and hop on out of there.

5:00pm – Subway ride. So hungry. All I can think of is food and my pjs.

6:00pm – Arrive home with some groceries, immediately get into flannels and start making dinner.

7:30pm – Dinner finished, dishes done, now time for everyones favourite: JEOPARDY! Jay and I high-five whenever we get answers right and make our own wagers on the final Jeopardy question. I try not to think about just how nerdy this is.

8:00pm – Decision is made! I am going to have a bath, a glass of wine and get into bed early.

9:00pm – Oh, right! I forgot I was supposed to write out some recipes for a friend. I’ll just do that quickly.

9:30pm – Might as well pack up my lunch now and get to sleep in a bit…

10:00pm – Ahhh, bedtime. Will read for a half hour and then sleep! Good plan!

10:30pm – Jay turns out his light. I’ll just read 5 more pages..it took at least 10 minutes to get comfortable anyway.

11:00pm – Jay rolls over and tries to steal my book and hide it under his pillow. Asks me to please turn out the lamp.

11:30pm – Holy crap, this is so good! Why did it take me so long to pick this book up?!

12:00pm – Only another 100 pages.. might as well just stay up and finish it!

1:00pm – Whhhhhat?!!!! MAJOR TWIST!

1:30pm – Annnnd it’s over. Onto my phone to peruse Goodreads for other reviews on this book.

2:00pm – IT’S TWO!?! Ah well..

6:30am – BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. I am totally going to bed early tonight.



10 thoughts on “Why Going to Bed Early Never Works

  1. HA, I love this! Except unfortunately, my version would be “I plan to stay up late reading but fall asleep at 9”, because I am ALWAYS sleepy. Unless the book I’m reading is amazing, chances are I doze off while reading :( I’m a much better during-the-day reader.

  2. LOL!!! This is exactly me. I also use my current read as my snooze button in the morning. Five more minutes…five more pages…Great post!

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