I’ve always been a seasonal reader.  I love to read darker, spookier books around Halloween, and heavier things in the fall. I love picking up books I have had on my shelves for ages in the summer. But winter, holiday reading, is the best.  It may be stereotypical, but there is nothing like curling up by a fire (or a cluster of candles, if you’re in an apartment like me) and reading a good book.  So this holiday, I got a few books with holiday themes to curl up with when it’s cold and snowy!

HolidaysonIce_hiresHolidays on Ice by David Sedaris.  I tried reading Sedaris a few years ago (his collection of essays, Naked), and found some of his stories absolutely hilarious, and others just a bit crude. But years have passed and my taste has changed, so I am going to give him another shot.  I picked up Holidays on Ice in hopes of reading some good stories about chaotic family get-togethers and stories that contain snowball fighting or slipping on ice (in comedic, not painful, ways.)  I did not check if these types of stories are in this collection, so here’s hoping!

On the more cutesy side of things, I finally picked up Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle.  I thought of reading this last year but never got around to it, so this year, I finally did. I read the first few pages on my lunch at work and was smiling to myself at my desk.  I can tell I am going to enjoy this!  Three separate stories that weave in together, all taking place on a very snowy Christmas Eve.  Sign me up! This will be my second John Green and second Maureen Johnson, but first Lauren Myracle.  We shall see!

Are you guys doing any seasonal reading? Let me know if there are any other good Christmas books I should look into :).


6 thoughts on “Books for the Holidays

  1. I read and loved Unholy Night by Seth Grahame Smith last Christmas! Its a crazy twist on the Nativity story where the three wise men are actually thieves and murderers. It was fantastic! This year I’ve been reading a couple of romance Christmas novels…just finished Starry Night by Debbie Macomber which was cute!

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