I’ve been waiting for this!  (Isn’t that one of the most magical pictures you’ve ever seen!? I feel warm inside.)

December is finally here, so I thought I’d share my favourite things about the season, both holiday related and not!  Without further ado..

My 12 December Essentials!

(With accompanying photos from my Pinterest hunt.  Click on the images to go back to the original post!)

1. SNOW! 
There is something uniquely majestic about snow; about the way it lays in wait for your boot-clad feet to sink into it, or shape it into a new being. Whether it is first thing in the morning, glittering sun off its’ surface, or evening with lamp posts illuminated across it, snow is a sight to see.

2. Candles
I adore candles, year-round, but holiday scents are THE BEST (in my humble opinion.) Frasier Fir helps those who don’t have a real evergreen in their living room, to SMELL like they do!  My mom also uses candles that smell like freshly baked cookies in the winter .. which, mind you, is unfair, because I come home thinking there are cookies coming out of the oven, but I digress. I keep seasonal candles lit all over my house.  My living room smells like a Christmas tree, my kitchen smells like cookies and my bedroom smells like Spiced Apple Cider.  It’s a small slice of heaven, my friends!

3. Cookies
Speaking of freshly baked cookies, my mother makes Pinwheels every single Christmas.  My brother and I established our favourite cookies as kids, and if Mom only made a few, we would claim our rightful cookie and not let the other anywhere near it.  Mine were my mom’s famous Chocolate Chips and my brother’s were Pinwheel Cookies. Of course, you always want what you can’t have, so I have to be pretty sneaky when prying the batch out of my brother’s grasp, but .. the guy has to sleep at SOME point.  Watch out, broski.

4. Hats, Mitts and Scarves
I’m Canadian, so the freezing weather of winter is something I’ve gotten used to.  However, I have more than “gotten used” to it.  I LOVE IT.  The summer is great and all, but I adore getting all bundled up and walking out into the crisp, snowy air.  Every year, I buy a new big scarf to wrap around my neck and brace the chill. I almost never match, but to be honest, who cares? I am warm and snuggly under all those extra layers and ready for my walk in the snow!

5. The Tree
I won’t go into detail because I’ve already done an entire post on how much I love sitting by the Christmas Tree, but, it’s magical. :)

6. Skating
Now, I will preface this by saying that I am a terrible skater.  If I can stay upright for 5 minutes, it has been a successful trip.  But a few years ago, my fiance (who happens to adore skating, hockey and being outdoors) decided that I needed to get back on the ice. I hadn’t worn skates since I was a teenager, so I was not only wobbly on my feet, but terrified out of my mind.  He decided that the best way to jog my reflexive memory, was to charge at me full force while I stood in the middle of the outdoor rink.  Oddly enough, I remembered how to skate!  I also remembered how badly it hurts to fall over when you aren’t wearing padded snowpants.  Regardless, I love to skate outside around the holidays, and can’t wait to get back out there this year!

7. Music
I don’t have to go overboard with this because we all know how frustratingly wonderful holiday music is.  After working for years in retail, I totally understand the repeated Christmas music that drives people up the wall.  Many people .. but not me.  I could play Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra or even (dare I say it) Michael Buble ALLLLLL day.  In fact, I do, for a month straight.  Or shall I say, I DID .. before I realized that Songza has a Holiday button.  You’re welcome!

8. Hot Chocolate/ Eggnog
This  needs little describing.  Hot chocolate or eggnog (your choice!) accompanies so many other items on this list, perfectly.  Like I said, being a Canadian, snow is part of my life, and though there are many ways to enjoy yourself in it, it also needs to be shoveled.  Coming inside after some good ol’ hard labour to a nice cup of hot chocolate is pure bliss.

9. Good Books
This goes without ANY explanation. Reading all snuggled up on your couch, by a fire, a cluster of candles, of just by a steaming mug of tea, is lovely.  You can read epic novels, beautiful picture books, holiday romances, poetry, whatever your little heart desires!  But a good book in the winter, is a separate kind of heaven.

10. Christmas Films/ Shows
If you have any kind of basic cable, you have a steady stream of holiday shows at your fingertips.  I personally love watching the old shows from when I was a kid: the original Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Charlie Brown’s Christmas.  It never gets old.  And of course, You’ve Got Mail.  Though this isn’t a Christmas movie, it might as well be.  The holiday scenes are my favourite!

11. Twinkle Lights
You can use twinkle lights year-round, but for some reason, they always feel like Christmas to me. I line my bookshelves with them and love watching movies by twinkle light!  It sets this magical mood/ atmosphere in your home and is so gorgeous against the open window, with freshly fallen snow across the streets.

12. Gatherings
We will never hear the end of chaotic family gatherings during the holiday season, but at the same time, would you really rather be anywhere else?  Even with my parents bungalow stuffed to the brim (with food, decorations and my entire extended family), there is something warm and welcoming about it all.  No matter what kind of family you have, be it blood or friendships, gatherings that keep a steady hum of conversation and cheer going around the room is a special sort of time.


6 thoughts on “December Wonders

  1. I agree with all except snow and skating! Mainly because I hate the snow (it’s pretty, but UGH the driving) and I can’t skate, lol.

    I love how cheerful this post is though :) Just what I needed!

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