This week, I’ve decided to participate in Top Ten Tuesday!  This weekly feature is hosted by the ladies at The Broke and The Bookish, and this week we’re looking forward to 2014 and which releases we are dying to read!  Clearly this list is ever-changing, but for right now, here we go!  I will go in order of release date.

Lost Lake (January 21)
I’ve never read Sarah Addison Allen before, but have never heard a bad thing about her. One of my closest friends is a die-hard fan and constantly talks about just how magical she is. I had great luck reading Neil Gaiman’s latest release, then going back to read his previous books, so I think I may do that again with SAA.

Red Rising (January 28)
This is a fantasy novel, which my boss at work adores. He was able to read an ARC and though it took him ages to finally pick it up (he’s tough to recommend to), when he finished, he was ecstatic. He and I have very different tastes, but with my growing interest in fantasy, I think I will give this one a shot!

The Martian (February 11)
At a bookish event this year, one of my friends in publishing started talking about this book. I was entranced. The story of a guy who is left on Mars after his crew assumes him dead (he was punctured through his spacesuit with a pole: accurate assumption). When he comes to, he is alone, and forced to rely on basic survival instincts to keep himself alive.

Locke & Key Volume 6: Alpha and Omega (February 11)
I’m already dying for this! I have gotten into comic books in a big way this year and the series that got me into them is Locke and Key. The final volume comes out in February (though the individual issues finish on December 18th!!) I’VE GOTTA KNOW!!

The Enchanted (March 4)
This is cheating as I have already read an ARC of this, but it was one of the most powerful books I have EVER read. I cannot wait for it to come out, so I can give it to so many people. This book is one of those ones you will read, and never, ever, ever forget.

Half Bad (March 4)
I have heard some early reviews on this book and it sounds like something completely different from what normally exists in the YA genre. It is said to be MUCH darker, and much more heart-wrenching. I’m in!

The Divorce Papers (March 18)
Typically, I wouldn’t gear towards a book like this – the story of a young lawyer who is put on a high-profile celebrity divorce case. But, when my coworker compared it to Where’d You Go, Bernadette, I was sold. This chunker is over 500 pages, but is made up entirely of letters, faxes, emails, and handwritten notes. I can do that!

Flights & Chimes & Mysterious Times (May 13)
This was love at first sight for me. This cover is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and the storyline sounds AH-MAZING. This is 9-12 Young Readers book about Jack, who lives in Londinium, a steampunk version of London where there are clockwork dragons and metal fairies. Everything is run by The Lady, who wants a new human son. And she has chosen Jack. Dun dun dunnnnn!

Ruin & Rising (June 3) – No cover image yet!
This doesn’t need much description. Third book in Leigh Bardugo’s amazing Grisha series! I have, embarrassingly, yet to read Book 2: Siege and Storm, but I adored Shadow and Bone, and can’t wait for this new installment!

Landline (July 8)
It’s Rainbow Rowell. It’s adult. Need I say more?


10 thoughts on “Top 10 New Releases in 2014

  1. Oh my gosh. Yes! I am excited for absolutely every single thing on your list that’s so funny. lol I’ve been dying for more Sarah Addison Allen so I’m especially excited for that one. Fabulous picks! :)

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