I can’t remember where I found this wonderful picture, but if you recognize it, please let me know so I can include a link :)!

Every year I set a few goals for myself, both book related and not.  Every year, I forget what those goals were by February.  So this year, instead of being all nostalgic and sentimental, I am just going to make one goal: be happy.

However, book goals are a totally different beast for me.  I set a Goodreads goal each year, as well as some small goals.  To keep myself on track, I bought a Bookish Hopes Journal.  Well.. I bought a journal, and have named it my Bookish Hopes Journal.  But before I tell you my new goals, let’s have a quick look at my 2013 goals (which, were … unsuccessful.)

My goal for this year was to read 80 Books.  In 2011, I wanted to read 50 books, and ended up at 32.  This was my first try, so I forgave myself (kidding, these are for fun!) In 2012, my goal was 60 and I was SO close!  I ended up at 51.  This year, I wanted to push myself more than ever.  I gave myself a goal of 80, with the rational that I work in Kids books, and therefore would be reading a selection of smaller, simpler books.  This .. didn’t really happen.  With any luck, I will finish at 50.

SO!  Without further ado ..

My 2014 Bookish Hopes

  • Read 65 books.  This includes graphic novels which I have begun a very steamy love affair with these past few months.  They are quick reads, so I will definitely squeeze a bunch in between my novels.
  • Finish the Harry Potter series.  I bought the beautiful box set this year, and read Book 1 in September.  Now I want to go back and finish!  I stopped at Book 4 when I was younger, and have always wanted to go back and finally, FINALLY finish!
  • Of the 65 books, 23 have to be books that I own as of December 31, 2013.  That means 23 books that are already IN MY HOUSE.  This will help me to organize my shelves.  I own HUNDREDS of books that I have yet to read.  This is .. bad.
  • Write down each and every book that comes into my house.  Including how much things cost.  This will help me to better understand just how much money I spend on books each month and therefore each year.  I think this number might shock me into submission.

That’s it!  I think that not only is it do-able, it’s something that I look forward to.  The journal is sitting beside my bed and I will do my absolute best to keep up with it!  I’m pretty excited :).

Do you have any book goals?  Or do you prefer to just read!  Let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “2014 Bookish Hopes

  1. Great list! I do the same thing with tracking if I bought the book, got it from the library, etc., in an attempt to curb my spending (it’s so hard!).
    On a selfish note, I was hoping one of your goals might be “booktube everyday” because I love, love, love your videos and miss how often you did them.
    Don’t be totally creeped out, but I am having a crummy afternoon and I was JUST thinking, “well maybe Chelsey and [other fave booktubers] will post videos tonight and I can watch them!” LOL. I just find them so… enjoyable and relaxing to watch. :)

    • That is so nice, Adele :)! I’m so glad you like the videos! I am the exact same as you .. I love relaxing and watching some of my favourite BookTubers!
      Sadly, I don’t think my YouTube channel will be around too much longer. As much as I enjoy talking about books, there is a major time commitment to videos. I do quite love to write, so I may stick to that instead. But thank you so much for all the kind things you said, and I do hope your day gets better!!!!

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Too dramatic? ;)
        Well, I know you will sorely, sorely missed in the Booktubing world! But at least I’ll still have your fab blog. :)

  2. Fantastic list! I also really want to try to focus on my owned books. Last I checked I had like… 300 owned and unread and that’s pretty horrid.
    I’m doing a re-read of Harry Potter right now but opted for the audio route and they’re fabulous. Hope you enjoy them!

    • I am about the same as you :|.. 300 or so. It’s intimidating but also kind of nice sometimes. When you pick your next read, it’s like being at a bookstore.. in your own house! :)

      • Yes, I definitely have my own mini-library. Sometimes though I feel like having too many books to choose from makes it hard for me to pick my next read! But there are definitely worse problems to have. lol

  3. Sounds like everyone is trying to actually read the books they own in 2014 – me too! My reading goal is always to read 52 books a year. That’s only one a week so it seems doable. Some years it is, some years it isn’t.

  4. Love that picture! The image itself is from The Sword and the Stone….but not sure who added the witty writing! I hope you reach your book goals for 2014! They sound excellent!

  5. Great goals! I kept track of my book purchases for a couple years… it was always over $1000 total, but the ACTUAL cost if I had paid full price for a lot of them were like 3x that, so yay! And then I just decided I didn’t care anymore, lol.

    You gotta read the Harry Potter! That’s 7 easy reads right there, 8 if you include Tales of Beedle the Bard. I’m so tempted to re-read them next year, but I JUST re-read them all this year… I usually try to do it every other year.

    Good luck with all your goals!!

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