This is so, so true.

Here is another truth: I own enough unread books in my apartment to open a small bookstore. I own more books that I haven’t read, than ones I have.  If I don’t enjoy a book, I have no qualms with donating it, or giving it to someone who may have better luck with it than I did.  However, unread books stay with me, because who knows, I may have my next favourite book hanging out in my living room as we speak!

The problem is that new books are so shiny and exciting.  There is a sense of immediacy.  Given the choice between a brand new read my coworker was raging about, or an old horror novel I’ve had for years, I will always go for the new. To combat this, and hopefully change my ways, I’ve given myself a goal of reading 23 books this year that I already own as of December 31st, 2013.  I’ve decided to call these “Alreadies” because they already live with me, and now it’s time to read them!  I wanted a new term, instead of “owned unread books” – a new fresh way to see them.  They are already here, and waiting patiently to be read!

I spent a while browsing my shelves for anything that popped out to me, and made a list of a few books I already own, that I would LOVE to read soon.  Please let me know if you love any of these, and maybe it will help to get my butt in gear!

Any books you already own and are determined to read this year? Let me know :).


20 thoughts on “Alreadies

  1. Hi chelsey,

    I really like this idea! I too get sucked in by the new shiny book. Here is my list of to be read that I own:

    The end of your life book club

    The Rosie project

    The night circus

    Night film

    What Alice forgot

    The snow child

    The girl you left behind

    The signature of all things

    The goldfinch

    So many good books! I have to get cracking.

  2. the “Alreadies” – that is so cute! Good luck on your goal – it’s a great one. p.s. The Sisters Brothers is a superbly fun and easy read. :)

  3. This was one of my 2013 resolutions. I didn’t buy new books, I read what I already owned, because my book buying had gotten out of control! I have books that I bought fifteen years ago, stuck on the shelf and never read. I’ve really made a dent in the pile this year. Best of luck!

      • I couldn’t have done it, if I hadn’t went nuts adding every book that I wanted to my Amazon wishlist! I know those books are waiting for me in the future, as soon as I get the currently pile down. Here’s to a 2014 of great books!

  4. Valente’s series is wonderful and The Secret History is one of my all-time favorites. I really loved The Golden Compass series too but i listened to it on audio.
    I did a list like this last year and failed MISERABLY. For some reason when I do lists like that I start feeling obligated and then my brain rebels. Really want to focus on my owned piles in general though this year and cut back on requesting ARCs.

    • I am so so similar. As soon as I make lists, I feel pressured and go in the complete opposite direction. Pretty bad lol. This year though, I am just making numbers instead of actual titles, so hopefully that helps. Stopping reading ARCs is so challenging because it’s all so exciting! Gah.. the troubles.

  5. Well you know I love the Tao books by Wesley Chu :) And The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen is REALLY good. It totally surprised me.

    I REALLY need to focus more on reading my own books instead of library books. It’s gotten so bad.

  6. You’ve never read The Secret History? Get on it. It’s an amazing book, bone of the few that I’ve read more than once. The Art of Fielding is also on my list.

  7. I’ve only read two of the books you mentioned, Looking for Alaska (which is a quick read in my opinion, and I also really liked it) and I actually read American God just last month. I wouldn’t say I loved it, I had issues with it but ultimately I loved the writing and the book got me out of my three month “reading slump”. Good luck!

  8. I’m doing the same thing next year with a goal of at least 24 but hoping to read many more than that, because my “alreadies” are already numbering over 500!!! I have read The Sugar Queen and adored it. I am a very picky reader, and I thought it was practically perfect. Very good read for the Christmas season, in my opinion. I am in a goodreads group called Mount TBR 2014 Challenge, which is all about reading books you already own, if you would like to join. I did the 2013 group for the first time this year, and even though I didn’t reach my goal to read 48 books I previously owned, I do think it helped. Good luck! =)

  9. I will have to look into that group! I do love chatting about TBRs lol. Thank you Lisa :)!
    I have heard nothing but wonderful things about The Sugar Queen and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get going with it! :(
    My TBR is ridiculous too, so let’s encourage each other!!

  10. The Secret History, The Sugar Queen and Looking for Alaska are all great books.
    Love the ‘Alreadies’, great term. I haven’t made an official list of mine that I want to read this year, but I should – my current physical TBR pile is starting to take over my bedroom!

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