Large books are intimidating.  I didn’t take notice of my personal fear of large books until recently, when a bunch of bloggers and BookTubers began talking about their goals to finish larger books in 2014. “Good goal” I kept thinking. But I didn’t apply it to myself .. until…

I started glancing back at old books I had read and found something very suspicious. I have hardly ANY large books. I read a steady stream of 300-500 page books on a regular basis, but barely ever do I take the dive into something I know will take more effort to finish. What a shame! I can’t help but think of all the wonderful stories I have overlooked on my shelf simply because of their size. NO MORE!  This year will be a year of fearlessness, and those books, WILL BE READ!

Let’s be honest here, my major goals always end up being minor successes, but if I can at least read 5 books that are over 500 pages this year, I will be a happy camper.

Next, are intimidating books.  These are books that for one reason or another, I am a little scared of.  For some of these books, its fear that I won’t appreciate the author enough on an intellectual level (cough – Donna Tartt – cough) and for others, its the hype that I am terrified will lead me in with ridiculous expectations.

So, here we go.  Here are some of the books I own that are either scary because of their ginormousness or for other intimidating purposes.  Please do let me know if you’ve loved any of these!  Clearly I need a little ammunition.

The Passage
This book has been described as epic, but I watched a friend of mine try to read it for months and she never seemed to be able to push through it. For some reason, it was disheartening. But I got my motivation back when Lorna (from the lovely SuddenyLorna) read it and loved it in 2013. Now I MUST! This honking book is 784 pages!

The Secret History
It is 505 pages, but mostly, it is beloved by SO many people for it’s intelligence and it’s beautiful writing. I am terrified that the academia will be lost on me. I feel like that may sound irrational, but .. I am!  All eyes went to Tartt this year after the release of The Goldfinch (which I also have) but I am determined to read this first!

Gone With the Wind
I think I will love this. I just have a weird feeling. And my friend Natalie from Browsing Bookshelves has been recommending it for years.. but … it’s so big (959 pages to be exact)!!  I am terrified of starting, and then getting the wandering eye and leaving it 1/4 read forever. BUT I WILL DO IT THIS YEAR!  Maybe.. Hopefully..

The Casual Vacancy
This one freaks me out. It’s J.K. Rowling! I’m not one of the people who think that if this isn’t the best book ever, or magicless, that my heart will be broken. I totally respect Rowling for wanting permission from her fans to write other things. Harry Potter is it’s own galaxy, but the woman has other interests, which is completely respectable. But, that doesn’t make it any less nerve-racking. I would never have picked this up on my own if it weren’t for her name. But.. as you all now, I am no stranger to gritty fiction, so .. let’s do this!

Lastly is Wool, which I lump in the same category as The Passage. It’s epic, huge and comes highly recommended. I must try!


6 thoughts on “Being Fearless (Tackling Big or Intimidating Books)

  1. You can do it! And you’ll feel so proud of yourself when you do! I started WOOL last fall but didn’t end up finishing it :( My library didn’t have a copy so I had to do an Interlibrary Loan for it, and I was already in the middle of a rather hefty book, so when I finally did pick it up I only had a couple of days before I had to return it. :( Maybe I’ll ILLO it again, or just go and buy a copy. The chapters that I did read were excellent though!

  2. Good luck with your goal!
    I have read The passage and I loved it. Seriously, give it a try!
    At page 300 it slows down a little, but after some pages it is great again, I promise! ;)
    Gone with the wind is on my list too… too scary!

  3. Big books scare me. lol Why? No clue. I still need to personally tackle Gone with the Wind and Wool myself. The Passage and The Secret History are both time consuming but FANTASTIC. Casual Vacancy was a DNF for me unfortunately…

  4. So, the only one of those books I’ve attempted was The Passage, and I quit about 200 or 300 pages in because a huge time jump and change in characters annoyed me and I didn’t feel like sticking with it. Oh and well I also tried The Casual Vacancy but gave up 100 pages in due to serious boredom.

    I have the SAME problem of kind of avoiding really long books. I try to read a classic a month, and I notice that I always tend to pick the smaller ones, so by the end of my Classics Club time I’m going to be stuck with a ton of chunksters. I’m going to read Bleak House next month as part of a readalong, and it’s 800 or 900 pages… it better be good, dammit.

    Good luck on reading chunky books! I want to get to GWTW this year too, maybe in the summer…

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