What my book looked like when it came back from my friend Lauren. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the post-it itself.

Confession time: I was that girl.

I was the girl who watched Disney movies and actually thought that if I hung on, a prince would come for me soon enough.  I was the girl who picked a boy in kindergarten and decided that we were soulmates and destined to be together. I was the girl who would stare longingly at the back of a shaggy head and daydream about how cute our kids would be. In short, Katie Heaney and I would have been BFFs.

BuzzFeed writer Katie Heaney’s debut, Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date is a memoir about her love and obsession with boys and the lack of romantic situations that have come from that love. My friend Katey gave me an advanced copy of this over dinner one night and a week later, we had decided that this was going to be our baby. Katey and I are almost nothing alike, with our only commonality being that we are both obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with books, and even though we are totally different, we saw ourselves in Katie Heaney. That’s how we know this book will find a good home in the purses of all our twenty-something friends.

I brought this book to work and passed it around.  Within a few weeks, a ton of my work friends had borrowed and returned the book with various notes, emails and post-its singing its praises (like the one featured above!). One day, while explaining it to my male friend/coworker, I called it “brave” and he asked me to elaborate. My other coworker spun around in her chair and said “because no one admits to this stuff. It’s honest!”  And that is exactly why I loved it.  Katie isn’t afraid to admit that she (like so many women) grew up with unrealistic expectations about love. We want the cute barista to ask us out. The first date, there will be major chemistry, followed by a perfect end-of-evening kiss (with a little tongue, but not too much). Then there will be the few years of adventures, laughter and happiness, followed by a grand gesture and a ring on the finger to seal the happy-ever-after. If that has happened to anyone in this room, please raise your hands.  I didn’t think so.

Katie takes off the rose-coloured glasses and gives you the real scoop on dating in our day and age. If we aren’t the same person, we are definitely cut from a similar mold and I (along with most of my female coworkers) want to be her friend.

Granted this book is not for everyone, in fact the audience is quite specific. But if you are a woman, in your 20’s or 30’s who had a royal wake-up call when trying to date and realizing Prince Charming didn’t go to your high school, than this book is for you!  Enjoy the laughter, the heart and the honesty that exists within it’s pages, and send me a note when you finish!


What we expected..


And what it really looks like. I must admit, I like this better :). (Me, Lauren and another friend/Never Have I Ever Fan, Holly)


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