My taste in music has never been described as “cool”.  Back in high school, my best friend and I would always crank music as loud as we could and drive around to our usual teenage hangouts. I was almost never allowed to pick the music, as I was decidedly “into depressing stuff”.  True enough. I spent the majority of my teen years locked in my room with books, listening to Death Cab for Cutie and John Mayer.

During one of my exercise classes (oh yes, I do those), our instructor asked us to bring in a list of 10 songs we would like to work out to. The print-out specifically stated both fast and slow songs, but when my best friend had a glance at my sheet, I got one of these:

“Did you seriously put Norah Jones on here?” (She still loves me.)

(As a side note, I have a major affinity for Norah Jones. Total girl crush. She is THE BEST.  Anyways .. moving on.)

That intro was really not a prelude into anything except that I am going to share with you some of my favourite songs, but listen at your own risk.  We don’t want any of you to end up locked in your room writing sad lovely poetry after this.  Wait, who am I kidding? Of course we do. Love poems = wonderful.

Enjoy :) (I hope!)

We’ll start with the queen herself!  This is surprisingly NOT one of the slow songs (though that is coming, I promise you.)  Her latest solo album, Little Broken Hearts, was really not my kind of thing. I missed her blues and jazz stuff. But this song stuck out. I love it!

And now for a little of the slow and sad. This is my favourite song off her album, The Fall. Especially the musical part after the second chorus. This live version is quite lovely!

Now keeping with the theme of New York, this song is a re-make by Sinead O’Connor of Nilsson’s I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City.  Now before you go thinking I’m all religious (I’m not), this is from the You’ve Got Mail Soundtrack – which I adore.  I also love her voice!

Not surprisingly, because of the female jazz & blues love, Diana Krall is another favourite. This is remake of a Joni Mitchell song and I adore it.

And lastly, at least for today, a little more joyful — Great Big Sea!! One of my all-time favourite bands, and one of my favourite of their songs: The Sea of No Cares. I’m leaving a live performance because they are a complete treasure on stage!

The end!  For now…


2 thoughts on “Listening to..

  1. One of my memories of high school is you writing your favourite lyrics during every Careers/Civics class that we had together lol. Actually….you introduced me to Something Corporate! I just pulled out my cd of them yesterday to listen to while doing the dishes :) “It’s me and the moon she said!”

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