The thing under my bed waiting to grab my ankle isn’t real. I know that, and I also know that if I’m careful to keep my foot under the covers, it will never be able to grab my ankle.
– Stephen King

Sometimes you just need a good thriller.  That “cant-sleep-until-you-finish-the-last-word” kind of thriller. These types of books are the only ones that seem to keep me up late anymore (I’m getting older guys!).  I miss everything that comes with a thrilling read: the getting into bed early to read just a few more chapters, then staying up a bit later than expected, than having your partner/roommate/parents begging you to please turn off the light, and finished by that 2:30 am exhale, even though you didn’t realize you had been holding your breath.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve read a book like this, so I went searching for some kind of thriller: horror, psychological or crime. The name that kept popping up in my search was Gillian Flynn, but after trying but not getting into Gone Girl, I hadn’t paid much attention to her other works.  However, I have come to the idea that I may have just read the book at the wrong time, as so many others seem to love her work.

Then came the BookTube recommendations. I can’t stress enough how wonderful BookTube & the blogosphere are for finding recommendations. Two of my favourite BookTubers (Katie from ChapterStackss and Becks from Get Bookish) rave about the wonders of Gillian Flynn. So, on a whim, I bought Dark Places.  Except, I must have been having an off day because I realized when I got home that I actually had bought Sharp Objects, Flynn’s first novel.  At first I decided I would exchange that book for the one I wanted, but after flipping through and finding my mouth on the floor at some of the lines, I decided I would just keep it, and buy the other one (again .. kind of).

Dark PlacesNow, armed with two novels that promise to keep me glued to the page into the wee hours of the morning, I was missing one thing: someone who had either already read them, or would want to read them with me, so during those late nights when the wind sounds like a coyote outside your window and no one was awake but me, I could text that person in my horror and awe for comfort and solace.

Then I knew exactly who to ask!  My fellow blogger/ BookTuber and friend, Natalie from Browsing Bookshelves (blog / youtube).  Natalie and I have shared a love for many of the same books over the years, so when I wrote asking her about this, I was thrilled when she said yes!

Natalie and I are starting Dark Places right away and though we haven’t set many stipulations on our pace, I am assuming we will both be finished by the end of the coming weekend.  If you are in need of a thrilling read yourself, please feel free to join along! :)


5 thoughts on “Thriller Read: Dark Places

  1. I didn’t particularly love Gone Girl, but I do love these thrilling types of books. I have all of Flynn’s stuff on my Nook waiting for me. With the wedding just on the horizon, I won’t be starting this one now, but I’m looking forward to your opinion of it!

  2. I actually just started Dark Places too! I’m listening to the audio version and it’s fantastic. So thoroughly gripping I’m having a hard time setting it aside… I have no inkling as to what truly happened and I love it. Hope you enjoy it!

    • The friend I’m reading the book with described it perfectly lol.. she said the book feels like its has the Jaws Theme soundtrack playing in the background. You’re reading knowing something horrible is just around the corner. It’s disturbing and yet you have to keep going!
      I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  3. Was Dark Places good? The cover always catches my eye on the bookshop shelves, and I have customers raving about it all the time, but I’ve been skeptical since the little I read of Gone Girl didn’t really get to me. I’m interested to hear your reaction. And what a good idea to read this sort of book with a friend. (I always end up calling my book-bestie when I have trouble understanding the science in SF/F books.)

    • To be totally honest, it wasn’t for me. I enjoy darker novels and love scary ones, but this was more creepy and disturbing. I found it hard to enjoy the story when I was cringing knowing other disturbing things were right on the horizon. But, I would say that if you handle disturbing well, then I have heard of many people who really liked this. Just.. not me lol. I read the first 60 pages of Gone Girl too and wasn’t really into it. I acknowledge that Flynn is a great writer but I’m not sure her books are entirely for me.

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