happythoughtsThis week has been a pretty quiet week for me, so I thought I would dish some random thoughts. I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking lately, about a variety of things, so I wrote down a few sentences, and went to elaborate.  And boy did I elaborate. If personal rambles interest you, proceed!

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion’s video response to Sochi’s Anti-LGBT Propaganda Law makes me a happy person.
This video made me ridiculously happy. I’ve always been a proud Canadian and have always loved my country, but it’s things like this that make me stop and actually think about it for more than a few passing minutes. The line at the end “Let’s fight to keep it that way” is difinintive. It doesn’t say “Let’s TRY and keep it that way.” Using the term ‘fight’ pronounces more than just a disagreement, it is a force. And this, I think, is extremely brave. The CIDI is fighting against discrimination and fighting for rights, in the same way that I will always fight for my loved ones’s right to love and wake up next to whomever they chose. This video is clever and strong and the musical number chosen is quite perfect. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do!

Not trying to impress people is liberating.
When I was younger, I was always trying to impress people. It was something I thought I would grow out of eventually, and then never did. Whether it was someone I was hoping to befriend, or a coworker I wanted to prove myself to, I have always struggled for approval, and I wish I knew why. I’m sure some psychologists would boil it down to self-worth, but I prefer to treat it as an ongoing life lesson. Someday I will fully accept that 1) it shouldn’t matter what others think of me and 2) the people that I assume are judging me, probably don’t even take notice of what I do. Letting go of one person (in specific)’s view of me has been my Everest for a while, and the other day, when I declined an offer she made (which of course was made because no one else more interesting was around), I felt oddly light; like a weight had been lifted. And I realized that I finally, finally, didn’t care what she thought. One minuscule step for society, one major step for me!

Some people are just kind. And it’s just really awesome.
I can walk to the subway from my house, but it’s a ten minute walk downhill, and ice and snow that is currently coating our sidewalks has scared me into waiting for the bus. Sometimes I get lucky and the bus is only a few streetlights away. Other days, I wait for 20 minutes in the cold. This is no one’s fault. The weather has shaken up everyone’s routines and schedules, especially public transport. The one thing that kills me is when an express bus shows up. These buses are for people who live extremely far from the subway, and instead of sitting on the bus for an hour, waiting for the bus to pull over at each and every stop, this bus drives past the majority of stops to give commuters a quicker route. So, seeing as I live close to the subway, these (usually quite empty buses) drive right past me on a daily basis. Last week, I had been freezing my butt off at the bus stop for a while, and sighed deeply when I saw the express light flash on the oncoming bus. I was going to be late for work and there were no other buses in sight. But then, to my surprise (and I mean, really!) the bus pulled over and opened the door. The driver leaned toward me and said “It’s cold out there! Come on in!” I wanted to hug him. It was a very simple gesture, but one I’m sure he has been told NOT to do (“You’re an Express Bus for a reason!”) But this kind man, took me out of the cold and made sure I got to work on time. And so, I put this out into the universe: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Buddy reading is an amazing incentive.
This has been the month of buddy reads for me! Starting with Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places with my friend Natalie, and now onto Donna Tartt’s The Secret History with my new friend Deni. I absolutely love being able to pick up the phone and text someone when I get to a good part in the book, or knowing that when I read something late at night and am freaking out over it (definitely Gillian Flynn), I can wake up in the morning and talk about it with someone who knows exactly what I mean. It also helps to keep me on track, and when sometimes I can have a wandering eye with books (“I know I’m reading this, but I’ll just try the first few pages of this other one..”), buddy reading reminds me that someone else is counting on me to stay on track, so I will. When I read Gillian Flynn, I stuck to it. Now, I’m determined to stick to The Secret History. I love it!

Boot Camp is badass.
Have you guys ever tried Boot Camp? In an attempt to get my butt off the couch, my best friend and I signed up and have been going for a few weeks now. My mom has been an advocate for Boot Camp for years (you should see her biceps, I’m not even kidding, she could beat me up), and when I told her I had signed up, she gave one of those proud kind of laughs: proud because I was finally taking my personal fitness more seriously, and laughs because she knew it was going to kill me. And it has been. But it has also been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done! I feel drained, but amazing after class. My instructor makes us laugh, makes us work our butts off, and makes us realize we can do more than we thought we could. When I go home and plunk my sore muscles into the tub, I feel accomplished and when I get into bed, I sleep like a baby. If you are looking into something to kick-start your own fitness routine, I highly recommend it!

Tofu is not so bad.
This Friday marks two months since I became a full-on vegetarian. Though I can’t say I don’t miss meat at all, it is definitely less than expected. But one thing I do notice, is the absense of something centralizing in my stir fry. I know that sounds odd, but adding chicken into my stir fry used to be the part of the dish that everything else centered around. So, on Sunday night, Jay and I started up two seperate burners on the stove and made nearly-identical stir fry; except his had chicken coated in general tao sauce, and mine had marinated tofu. I’ve been trying to force myself to like tofu for years. And I think I have finally succeeded! Though I admit that watchign Jay toss his general tao chicken around, my mouth was watering a little, BUT the tofu was really tasty! I ate leftovers the next day for lunch and that was even better. Then, last night, I did it all over again. It’s true what they, tofu does take on the flavour of what you mix it in with, but also, marinating it was genius (obviously not my idea – it was Martha Stewarts). I’m pretty happy about this!

And that’s it for me today! Have a lovely Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Kindness is so good. It pops up at the most unexpected times. Last week, I was having a ROUGH week, and someone in the morning drive through paid for my meal. No idea who it was. Love that! And hurray for Buddy Reads! I’ve had to let most of these fall to the wayside with the wedding a mere month away, but I can’t wait to get back into them!

    • That is so so sweet. And you’re so right, it does pop up at unexpected times and kind of re-establishes your faith in the universe lol.
      I can’t wait until you get back to Buddy Reads too :). But the wedding sounds a bit more exciting ;). Can’t wait to hear all about your special day!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post!! And the Random Act of Kindness someone (especially a bus driver) had shown you as SO nice to hear about :) This post definitely made my wednesday just a little bit better!

    I’ve never done a buddy read before but it sounds like it would be great; and I totally understand when you just want to text someone and be like: “OH MY GAWD! Did you read page 145!” lol.

    Fantastic, feel good post!! :D

  3. Awwww, the bus driver. That was really nice.

    I would looooove to do a Boot Camp! But if there are any in my area (I don’t think there are), they’d probably be expensive. I have my gym membership and I love going, but I’m pulling 50 hours a week right now at work, so the weekend is really the only time for me to go… le sigh.

    Great randomness post :)

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