While browsing for prints on the interwebs, I came across this gorgeous Rifle print. And in no time, I was daydreaming..


11 months ago today, I was flipping through a Paris guide-book, putting sticky notes and stars over all the places I wanted to go. I had dreamed of Paris since I was young and Jay and I were finally going.

I remember perfectly the conversation we had that lead to the decision to go. I tend to avoid travel, not because I don’t love seeing places, but because I hate flying and also because I have only really traveled in groups, and I am more of a solitary person. Jay had the itch to go, and having grown up with a family that loves to travel, his desires and my own often clash. He kept naming off places and I kept turning them down with every excuse I could think of. Until he said Paris.

“You’ve always wanted to go. We could go, just us two.” And, of course, I caved.

We had saved up money for a nice trip like this for ages, without any idea where or when we would go. Once we booked the trip, we put away every penny we could on top of our savings and decided that we would go with a list of potential places to go, but decide specifics when we arrived. We wanted to live like Parisians for a week, and not worry about money. So instead of going to a bunch of museums and trips, we wandered the streets, ducking into little bistros for lunch and searching for most “happening” restaurants online, then heading there for dinner. We drank wine with every meal, saw the canonical sites, but mostly did whatever we pleased.

Our hotel was tiny and perfect, with double door windows that opened to let the breeze in at night, and a cat that wandered the halls in the evening, keeping watch. On our first night there, Jay proposed in the park below the Eiffel Tower close to midnight. It was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life, and we spent the rest of the week in a haze of giddiness.

I made Jay visit Notre Dame at least four times, and just sit in the stone steps in front of it and feel like a piece of history. We ate at our favourite restaurant twice, and decided never to adjust to the time difference. We woke up close to noon every day, had late lunches and even later dinners, and wandered the streets until the wee hours of the morning. It was perfect.

And now, it has been nearly a year and I can’t believe it! I would go back in an instant, and so to linger in that dreamlike state, here are some of my favourite pictures. Enjoy!


Shakespeare & Company! I could have lived in here (pun intended – as so many artists have actually lived here!) It has wooden ladders that you can actually use! Perfection.


My favourite shot of this beauty :). It really is like a magical beacon.


I told Jay I wanted a fireplace this size when we get a house someday. Totally realistic. (@ Versailles!)


In the Luxembourg Gardens. So haunting and lovely.


Regardless of the continent, I remain a total gangster. (I made a random hand sign.. sorry if this actually means something!)


Climbing Sacre Coeur!


The man I will marry :).




My favourite site of all.


These doors were AMAZING. Some nights we left them open while we read in bed with just small lamps and the city lights. It was glorious!


When I say tiny, I mean tiny!


6 thoughts on “Dear Paris: I Miss You Terribly

  1. I’ve been reminiscing about Paris as well these past few months. Tom and I have become good friends with some exchange students from France, and hanging out with them has me constantly dreaming of the few days I spent in Paris back in Grade 10. I went with a group from HC to Paris….but I’d love to just go back and explore the city by myself. I think I was too young in high school to really appreciate everything that I saw. Plus we only got to see the side of Paris that our teachers wanted to see….not the Paris that I wanted to experience. If only my bank account was a little bit bigger :P I remember standing in front of Notre Dame though and thinking “I’ll come back here…one day….I can feel it in my bones” sooo maybe it will happen!

    • I know exactly what you mean! You and Tom should totally go :) you’d have such a great time. It’s neat to hear that you were so attached to Notre Dame because that’s exactly what I was drawn to the most. I was surprised since I’m really not that religious, but just the structure and the history is magnificent. It literally took my breath away :).

    • Thank you, Andi :)! I hope you do get to go someday.. I think you would absolutely love it! It’s the only place I’ve really been (except southern vacation spots) so it holds a place near and dear to me :).

  2. Ahhh this post only fuels my wanderlust! I’ve been thinking about traveling to Europe a LOT lately. I’ve never been out of the continent, and I’m not a big traveler either, but it’s definitely on my bucket list. I’d fly there tomorrow if I could. Your trip sounded perfect, you’re so lucky that you could share the experience with someone you love, never mind get proposed to in front of the Eiffel Tower! How romantic! This was such a lovely post :)

  3. Loved reading this post, Chelse! It’s been a LONG day and this post just whisked me away to Paris! Thank you for the mini vacation…it looks beautiful! x

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