A lot of things about my book habits have changed since the beginning of January. I’ve changed the way I buy and read books, and though I am moving at a slower rate, the joy I get from reading have been amplified.

One thing I’ve really loved doing, is renewing the excitement I feel about books that remain unread on my shelves. I buy books because they excite me, and because I can picture the hours I will spend curled up in bed with that specific book, engulfed in the pages, captivated by the plot and the characters and all the wonders of reading. But sometimes the excitement can fade (for a multitude of reasons) before you actually get to reading the book. Then it becomes another to-read on your shelf that you may or may not get around to. It sounds dramatic, but it happens all the time.

So I’ve decided to start a new little feature on the blog, which I am going to call Renewing Excitement (renewing because it’s a bookish library term, excitement because .. well, obviously, and installments will come in Volumes because .. comic book language!) I will share with you some books on my shelves, any stories about them or why I was excited about them before, and how long they have lived, unread, on my bookcase. If this sounds like something you’d also like to do, by all means, join in!

1. The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson
Quick Synopsis: A comic-drama about two odd artists and their children who struggle to find their place in the world outside of the bubble they have lived in with their parents.
When I Got It: December 2013
Why I Was Excited: When I first heard about this, it was described as being a quirky family story. Using the word “quirky” automatically gets my attention, but the rest of the synopsis made me think of Where’d You Go, Bernadette and I was sold. Also, this is being made into a film with Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman this year, and I definitely want to get to the book before the film release!

2. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Quick Synopsis: Taking place in the deep south, a story about female relationships during the time where many black women worked as “help” in white households.
When I Got It: Summer of 2009.
Why I Was Excited: My mom gave me this book after she read it, which she RARELY ever does. She said it was absolutely wonderful and so touching, but my mom also tends toward VERY sad books. I am fine with sad, but racial issues have always been a tough subject for me. I have hardly read any literature taking place during slavery because it rips my heart to shreds seeing people treated that way. I knew I would love this, because my mom’s taste never fails, but I put it on the shelf because I needed to be ready to read something like this. When the film came out, I desperately wanted to see it because the cast was so wonderful, but I refrained. So this year, I am going to finally read it. And then I am going to watch the movie. And I’m really really really looking forward to it. I think I will save this one for the warm weather, so I can curl up on a lawn chair and read about south, in the sun!

3. The Shining by Stephen King
Quick Synopsis: You know.
When I Got It: Err… sometime last year.
Why I Was Excited: I really enjoy horror, but have yet to throw myself into Stephen King. Ironically enough, I’m a bit scared. But when Jay’s dad was donating a bunch of his old books, I found this amazing edition of The Shining in his stash and took it. It has since sat on myself, literally shining, and waiting to make me terrified to turn out my lights.

And that’s it for this installment! Let me know what books you have on your shelf that you need renewed excitement about!


20 thoughts on “Renewed Excitement: Volume 1

  1. I love this new feature! I’ve scaled back my book buying and now am similar to you – just buy books if you’re gonna immediately read them. Otherwise, I just use the library. BUT, I slipped and just bought 2 books (one being The Secret History after your recommendation!) that I know are gonna sit on my shelf for a bit before reading. I miss having a to-read pile, though… that’s what you miss if you read everything you own.

    • Just the thought of that makes me sad! A to-read pile is necessary! I think I would allow myself at least enough books to have a to-read PILE, but right now I have to-read bookshelves, and that is too much lol.
      I’m so excited that you bought The Secret History! I absolutely loved it. It is one I am so looking forward to reading again!

  2. Love the idea of this! I get the same rush of excitement when I buy a book and I chase that high, at the expense of my TBR pile. I’ve been doing the same thing you have: reading what I have instead of buying, and I love it! Plus, I’m laughably broke right now and can’t shop.

    • It feels so nice to know you are not just buying to buy, but buying things you are excited about reading, and reading them WHILE you are excited. And there is that major sense of accomplishment when you read something you already own and love it.. like that little treasure has been waiting for you :).

  3. Such a cool idea, Chelsey! And what a great way to start getting excited about books you already own. I really enjoyed THE HELP when I read it during our CBPP program so it always brings back memories of that summer lol. Looking forward to more of these posts! :)

  4. This is great! I have tons of books like those sitting on my shelves. I like when people mention or review older titles in blog posts, it reminds me of books that I really wanted to read but never got around to it.

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