Spring Reading

Idyllic! (As a side note, I could spend a whole afternoon on Pinterest looking at pictures of books and people reading.)

So according to the calendar, spring is here! Though we are expecting snow tomorrow, I am remaining hopeful that I will be able to read outside within the next.. 6 weeks? Maybe?

Last year I began using our backyard. We live on the second floor of someone else’s home (he lives on the ground floor) and I always felt like using the backyard would be some sort of violation of my landlord’s space. But one gorgeous day last summer, I hung my laundry on the line in our backyard, and sat with my book waiting for them to dry. My landlord came home and saw me and remarked about how lovely it was seeing someone enjoying the space, as he never really did. From then on, my evenings were full of lawn chair, outdoor reading. I am greatly looking forward to getting back to that.  But until then, let’s talk books!

I’ve got a mix of new and old on my Spring TBR. I’ve been taking a VERY long time to finish books lately thanks to my growing accustomed to waking up early and not being able to stay up late anymore. My favourite place and time to read is late at night, in bed, but now I hardly make it past 11pm. What is going on!?

So here they are!

The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier
I met Hillier years ago when her first book, Creep released. She was a lovely lady, humble, excited and easy to listen to. Creep wasn’t my usual type of book, but I picked it up regardless and ended up quite enjoying it. The sequel, Freak was a bit more gruesome and kept me up, rigid and terrified in my bed, till extremely early in the morning. The Butcher is a stand-alone (as far as I know) thriller that looks, needless to say, terrifying. I flipped through the pages and saw glimpses of some horrible scenes, but I am determined to give it a shot!

Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link
I was immediately drawn to this book because of its Nancy Drew inspired cover. But I only purchased it after my coworker recommended it to me. Her recommendations have never failed, so I’m excited to get into this. Kelly Link is the author of many gothic, fantastical, sometimes erotic short stories and I’ve heard nothing but great things! I’m not usually a short story fan, so this will be different for me, and a little spice to my list.

Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler
This just sounded perfect. The story of a group of friends from Wisconsin who grow up, live their lives, leave their hometown, and eventually all come back. I’ve heard through the grape-vine that Butler and Justin Vernon, lead singer of Bon Iver, went to school together, and one character may be loosely based on him. My coworker read this in two days and told me she cried multiple times. Though she’s known to be a crier anyway, this still sounds like something I would really enjoy. I do quite love “returning home years later” type narratives!

Noggin by John Corey Whaley
Though I haven’t read Where Things Come Back, I’ve heard wonderful things about Whaley. A former coworker sent me this book and I was ready to dive in after reading the opening line. I haven’t read much teen so far this year, so this will be a nice change in pace!

The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson
After writing my Reviving Excitement post, this book has been staring at me from my shelves. I desperately want to give it a go very very soon!

How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky by Lydia Netzer
The story of two people who were strategically born to be each other’s soulmate. This quirky-seeming novel explores the possibility of twin souls and explores whether or not love can be engineered. SIGN ME UP!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
Continuing my re-read of the Harry Potter series, book two is up next! I’ve been putting this on my TBR every month, and have yet to get there. BUT I WILL!

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron
I have heard that this book was written for book lovers, and have owned it for years after finding a beat up copy at a library sale back in Montreal. In April, my friend Natalie and I will be reading it together, so feel free to join in!

Let me know what you guys plan on reading this Spring, or any comments you may have about the books mentioned above!



8 thoughts on “Spring Reading TBR

  1. You have some lovely books on your spring TBR! The Shadow of the Wind is one I think you’ll really like. And I’ve heard really good things about Shotgun Lovesongs. I’m picking up The Enchanted soon. Totally because of you. :)

    • Woo! I hope you love The Enchanted. But be prepared :|. It is not an easy read, but so so worth it. I’m starting The Shadow of the Wind next week.. I’m pumped :)!

    • I don’t think I will be :). I’m super excited about it and I’m glad you shared that you loved it because I don’t know many people (besides my coworker) who have read it!

  2. What a fantastic list! Your description of “The Butcher” has piqued my interest too! I just finished a really interesting novel called “Human Source Code” by author Lubos Borik (www.lubosborik.com). The novel is full of suspense and twists; it follows a detective named Klapman who discovers the evil truths behind an organization weeding out the population based on their DNA and what they perceive it does to their very nature. Dealing with themes of DNA manipulation and the effect of nature vs nurture this novel really makes you think. How far could someone go when the ability to change the very structure of our DNA is discovered. Very thrilling and left me with a lot of new thoughts on the subject

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