East of West

Around Christmas time, I went through a comic book frenzy. I almost stopped reading novels in favour of devouring as many brilliantly illustrated comic books as possible. During that time, I bought myself the first trade of a new comic series, East of West, and finally, finally, picked it up last night.

East of West tells the story of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but far into the future in an alternate reality. The end of the world is near, but the horsemen awake missing one of their own: Death. After something is taken from him, Death is on the hunt to retrieve it. He takes the eerie form of a western villain, flanked on either side by two other “native witches” Crow and Wolf, whom I immediately liked (they have cool powers, guys. Cool powers!)

Granted, the first volume is quite confusing. There are many characters introduced and I was having a hard time placing who was who and what they were after. However, halfway through the book, secrets are revealed and characters began to fall into place. The violence was also extremely well done. There is definitely a lot of it, but it was handled so well!

But what struck me the most about this particular volume was the gorgeous artwork. I can’t find a way to quite describe it, but will include some images to showcase their beauty.

Reading this review over, it’s clear that I haven’t written a review in a while, but I hope that my intrigued in this series showed through!

Volume Two: We Are All One releases tomorrow!

East of West 2


5 thoughts on “Review: East of West Vol. 1 The Promise

    • I did really like it! I just ordered Book 2! And I totally agree.. Wolf and Crow were my favourites. I love her face! So eerie! We should buddy read a graphic novel series one day!

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