As promised, today I am making my Liebster Award Nominations!  Now, I know the idea is to choose between 5-11 blogs who have a lower subscriber count to promote, but it’s tough to find out who has a ton of followers versus who doesn’t, so I am just going to choose some blogs I love reading on a regular basis.  If I nominate you and you’ve already been nominated by someone else before, feel free to answer my questions for fun, or just ignore them!

(To see the rules and my response to my nomination, click here!)

Firstly, I nominate:

Yaseena @ Truth About Fiction
Yaz is one of my best friends and is currently living in Ireland working on a novel. I love reading her posts because they fill in for our usual bookish coffee shop talks!

Natalie @ Browsing Bookshelves
Natalie and I have been friends since high school but bonded via our blogs! I check her blog daily and adore hearing her opinions on anything and everything she reads.

Lorna @ Suddenly Lorna
Lorna was one of my first BookTube friends and she just started this blog! I’d love to help get her some exposure as she is an absolutely lovely lady!

Lindsey @ Reeder Reads
Lindsey is one of the talented voices behind Random House Canada’s social media, and one of my most fun and spunky friends! I’ve loved reading her blog for years, even before I actually met her!

Kristina @ Kazzerism Reads
I met Kristina through my blog and BookTube channel and have loved chatting with her about a variety of different books! Her blog is relatively new, so I’d love for her to get a little love!

Ikhlas @ The Whimsical Whims of Ikhlas Hussain
Ikhlas is a friend I met in school and she has maintained her blog since then! Full of book love, baking, cooking and Muslim fashion, Ikhlas has her hand in a few different pies, and has a ton of fun doing it!

Andi @ Estella’s Revenge
Andi definitely doesn’t need the new followers (she’s quite the blogging queen!), but she definitely deserves them! In truth, I’d just love to hear her answers for these questions and love chatting with her in general!

Alessandra @ The Book Stylist
Alessandra is a triple-threat times fifty. A talented artist in the true sense of the word, her blog is just one arm of her passion for so many different things. I adore the photography of the books she writes about and really enjoy her varying taste.

And secondly, the questions for these lovely ladies!

1. What is your favourite childhood book, favourite read from the last year, and most anticipated future read?

2. If you had the choice to create your last meal (appetiser, main course, dessert and beverage), what would it be?

3. What would your ideal bookshelf/ library look like? (Pictures accepted!)

4. If you were to get a tattoo tomorrow, what would it be and where?

5. Do you anticipate your birthday, wish it was over faster or remain indifferent?

6. What is in your ideal smoothie?

7. If you were to go to a ball (Disney Princess style), what would your dress look like? (Pictures accepted again. Pinterest, here we go!)

8. Do you have a favourite mug? Where is it from, how long have you had it and what does it look like?

9. What is your favourite thing about your blog?

10. Who is your favourite man or woman in literature and why?

11. If you were to adopt a dog or a cat today, what would one of your name considerations be?

And that is it!  Random as random can be (I hope). Looking forward to hearing all of your answers :)!


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