I adore comic books and graphic novels, though it hasn’t always been this way. Up until about a year ago, my reading in this medium has been extremely limited. But there is always that one thing that sucks you in and opens up doors you’d previously never noticed in the hallway. Locke and Key was this for me. I had read and enjoyed a few graphic novels before hand, but Locke and Key was the first comic series that sucked me in completely, and now that it’s over (*sob*) I wanted to do a quick series review.

Locke and Key tells the story of the Locke Family, whom, at the very beginning of the series, suffer a brutal and tragic loss. They are moved from their family home into their late father’s childhood home in Lovecraft. The home is called Key House and as the family settles in, the children (our main characters) begin to discover odd keys around the house; keys that do astounding things.

lockeandkeyOur cast of characters is wide, but we focus mainly on the Locke children: Tyler, the older, heroic and emotionally scarred brother; Kinsey, the devoted and protective sister; and Bode, the adorable, curious little brother. I loved them all, and learned to love many of the secondary characters just as much (Duncan, anyone?)

During each volume, the children find more keys that prove to have extraordinary powers: keys that change your gender, keys that turn you into a ghost, keys that take you anywhere you can picture. And of course, the keys have a mysterious history that is slowly revealed throughout the books.

I should say right away that this book is for mature audiences. There is, well, a bit of everything: scary, gory scenes, lots of violence, sexual scenes, major language and content matter. But the story is so worth it.  I was hooked immediately into the dark world of Joe Hill (side note: Stephen King’s son.. so you can guess where the horror comes from!) and Gabriel Rodriguez (who contributes the perfect art for the story).  I read the first volume, Welcome to Lovecraft after seeing this fantastic review from one of the most wonderful BookTubers. I bought the book that day, stupidly started it late at night and literally stayed up with my eyes like golf balls until the wee hours of the morning.

After closing the final volume, I felt like I was going through a withdrawal. I hated knowing there was no more of the Locke family, and no more keys to discover. I really wished the TV show had been picked up (watch the pilot trailer here) so that there would be something else I could hold onto of this series. I know it won’t be for everyone, but it was definitely for me.

Enjoy — but beware!



9 thoughts on “Locke and Key Series Review

  1. I’m so sad that this series is over too :( It was creepy, shocking, and ohhh sooo goood! I loved the Locke siblings, and Duncan, and even Scott and Rufus :( I remember not liking Gabriel Rodriquez’s artwork at first (because I found it so disturbing), but now I miss it! Hopefully we can find another awesome series to fill the gap left behind by Locke and Key!

    • Me too! I’ve been on the hunt for something similar but haven’t had any luck yet :(. I thought Fatale might work but, although it’s good, it’s not the same kind of good. I don’t love it nearly as much. Magic, haunted houses and great characters.. where are you! Lol.

  2. I’m so glad that the series continue to be wonderful after the first volume! I can’t wait to read the rest of the books and am so thankful you mentioned them on your channel and thus brought them to my attention (:

    • I had just watched your video review of the first book when I realized I hadn’t reviewed the series yet! So glad you are getting into it :).

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