Do you ever have a moment when you stop and think, wow, am I in a slump?  And though the word is mostly associated with reading slumps (at least in my network of bookish friends), I’m speaking about it now in a broader  context.

A few weeks ago, as I climbed into bed on a Sunday night, I realized that I wasn’t in the mood to read. This had happened a few times over the past weeks, but it didn’t hit me until just then that not only had I not finished an actual novel in over a month, but I had no real desire to. I was surrounded in books I knew were going to be amazing, and was in the middle of a few books I felt rather indifferent about, but I didn’t have any desire to pick them up. Seeing as reading is my form of relaxing, I was pretty worried.

Then yesterday, I met my friends for dinner. Before our reservation, we wandered around a mall.  While two of my girlfriends browsed clothes, my other friend and I pondered over jewelry. She picked out a pair of gorgeous costume earrings and I fell in love. I said I thought they would go perfectly with a rather out-of-character dress I bought in hopes to surprise my fiancé on our upcoming vacation. I joked that it would be nice for him to see me in something other than my work clothes, or my pjs. She laughed, but with what I translated as a bit of sympathy. I should add that not only does my friend have excellent taste, but whenever I see her (which is sadly not as often as I’d like) she is always immaculate. Beautiful nails, perfect hair, fabulous outfits. I bought the earrings with a new question in my head. Am I in more than just a reading slump? Am I in a slump-slump?

This morning, as I got out of bed and dragged my lazy butt into the kitchen to make breakfast, I realized we were out of both my bread, and my fiancé’s bacon. I immediately suggested going out for food instead.  A few hours later, I suggested ordering in for dinner. When did I get so lazy? This could also be the reason my jeans are getting tighter all the time.  And it must be stopped.

intervention copia

So, I am hereby performing an intervention on myself – “How I Met Your Mother” Style.  I was lucky enough to be gifted a Fitbit Flex last week and I am putting it to the best use with this plan.  Tomorrow (we’re starting with day goals as they are more achievable!) I am going to make all my own food. And healthy food at that. I will go for a jog in my neighbourhood (even if the running only lasts a few minutes … you’ve gotta start somewhere!) I will make some plans for the week, and I will paint my nails and give myself a facial to give me that “mmph”. I will be good to myself tomorrow. No slumping over here.  And I will purge. I will put all those books that I’m feeling “eh” about in a bag and I will donate them. No need to keep them hanging around here when someone else may actually enjoy them.

I hereby declare myself in a slump, no more! Obviously these kinds of declarations come with grand goals that are often unattainable, so that’s why I am sticking to a one day goal. And perhaps that day will roll into another day, and another day. One can only hope!


8 thoughts on “Slump? Intervention!

  1. I feel like I’m in the same kind of slump… granted, working a lot has been part of that, but still. I miss working out, and cooking, and basically all the things you said!

    Good luck on pushing yourself out of your funk! You can do it!!

    • It sucks, eh!? Work definitely does have a ton to do with it. My job recently had some responsibly shifts which made my work days longer (for now at least) and that definitely caused some of the laziness for me. So I feel ya! Hopefully both of us can get over this soon lol.

  2. Aww I know how you feel, Chelsey! I’ve been in a similar kind of slump, definitely with reading. I haven’t really fallen in love with anything lately and don’t quite feel like reading either, which has gotten me quite worried.
    But I recently started reading all the Roald Dahl books I missed as a kid and have found myself enjoying reading again.
    Hope you feel better soon! :)

  3. I can totally relate to this. I don’t think I realized WHAT a slump I was in (reading and life), until I chopped my hair off and started buying some new clothes recently for work. Now that I’ve made a few changes I feel SOOOO much better, and I’m reading again. I wish you the best de-slumping.You can do it. Chels!

    • I LOVE your haircut! You look super fab. And making those types of changes really does help to boost you out of a slump! I’m on my way there lol.

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