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I really wanted to write a post today, but couldn’t think of any significant topics to elaborate on. BUT – I have a bunch of small things so, today will be a list!

1. American Authors are fantastic.
I feel like all I do these days is talk about This is Where I Leave You. I have recommended the book left, right and centre to anyone who will listen and have watched the film trailer too many times to count. When I saw it for the first time, I fell in love with the song that plays in the background, Home by American Authors. That turned into my entire work day consisting of listening to their album on repeat for the past few weeks. Home is a wonderful song, but my current favourite is Oh, What a Life. I’m fast falling in love with the band: their positive messages, their catchy tunes and (from what I’ve seen thus far) their extremely down to earth and fun band members. Have a listen :).

2. The Road by Cormac McCarthy is heart-wrenching. 
After years of meaning to read this book, I finally have. Three years ago, a friend let me borrow her copy which I didn’t finish. I bought my own copy with all the intention of continuing the story and for some reason, didn’t. Then this month, some lovely ladies on BookTube and I read it together. I finished last night, and sat crying in my bed at midnight, hoping my audible tears would wake my fiance so I could talk to someone about the book. It is one of the most heart-wrenching books I have ever read, but beautifully written and so unbearably touching. I feel like it should be required reading for .. everyone.
Neat fact: When I picked this up, I found the receipt from Type Books, where I bought the book those three years ago. The date was the exact date, three years before. WEIRD!



3. Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix (from the wonderful Quirk Books) definitely deserves this years “neat book layout” award!
If you haven’t heard of or seen this book, I absolutely have to show you. Horrorstör tells the story of a retail chain said to be a cheaper (though nearly identical) version of Ikea. When weird things begin happening in the fairly recent store in Ohio, certain details about the stores location turn this parody into a full-on horror novel.
The cool thing about the book? It’s formatted to look like an Ikea catalogue – complete with the square shape, instructions on how to build furniture (or more maniacal things), as well as floor plans to help  navigate the showroom. As a physical object, this book is wonderfully unique. Now, I need to figure out if the contents within it are just as great!



4. World Pride is something everyone should experience!
This year, Toronto hosted World Pride and I finally went for the first time.  What an amazing celebration! Pride, though about accepting your sexuality, is also about self acceptance in general, equal rights, and living unafraid to love whomever you choose. The parade is both outrageous and heart-warming. I had tears in my eyes as I watched a father walking in the parade with a large sign that simply read “I Love My Gay Son”. So many companies showed up and in the five hours that we stayed, we didn’t even see the end of the parade! I have to make a bookish shout-out to the Toronto Public Library who carried signs with gay versions of book titles, like “Around the World with 80 Gays”. I had an absolute blast and got to stand beside and support some people I care for very much. Not to mention that nature itself came out to support Pride, casting a rainbow over the CN Tower as the sun went down. How perfect! Check out the photos here!


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And that’s about it for me today! Have a wonderful week everyone :).



8 thoughts on “Oh, What a Life!

  1. Well I think you’ve gotten me hooked on American Authors now! I’ve been listening to some of their songs and I LOVE them! :)

    And those signs that TPL were carrying sound fantastic haha!

    Also…so weird about the receipt being the same day! Guess it was meant to be that you waited until now to finally read The Road?

  2. Well I’ve never heard of American Authors before, but wow I love that song you posted! I may have to search out the rest of their music and get addicted! And oh gosh The Road broke me. I still remember sitting on my bed and just sobbing my way through the final 10 pages. I’m still heartbroken about the entire book. Amazing though! (:

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