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Like so many other bookish people, I am a lover of lists. I am almost never caught without a notebook, planner or random bits of paper in my purse, and on any or all of these things are scrawled notes, goals, to-do lists and reminders. I love settling into my office chair with my coffee on a Monday and planning out my week. I love making lists that I know I won’t finish so that there is always SOMETHING to look forward to.  So when I realized that half the year had already flown by, I went back to all of my 2014 Reading Goals to track my progress.

It was not pretty.

That being said, I really couldn’t care less, because my goals are there for direction, not for strict re-enforcement, though I do love keeping up with them. So here is my progress report!

1. Read 85 books.
2. Finish the Harry Potter series (Books 2-7).
3. Read 23 books I owned prior to Christmas 2013.
4. Keep a journal of all the books that come into my home and keep tabs on pricing.

Simple enough, yes?

So here is how I’m looking now:
1. On June 30, I clocked in at 33 books, which is a good 8 books behind schedule. Not only am I behind, I was surprised to see that of my 33 books, 16 of them were graphic novels. I usually devour graphic novels in one (at most two) sittings, so this shows that my reading time has actually decreased considerably. Looking back, I can’t see exactly why, other than I did read a few more trying books in the first half of this year. Interesting..
2. I am currently halfway through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which puts my progress on this goal way behind schedule. Sadly, I put this down to read something else and didn’t pick it back up. It is however back on my nightstand and I am promising myself that I will finish it this month!
3. Of my 23 already owned books, I have only managed to read 3.. yikes. Which is directly correlated to the following point..
4. I have kept a journal and made note of all the books I have bought and yet.. my book buying habits have sadly not changed much at all. I still buy more than I read and still continue to replenish my shelves even after a purge in order to clear off some space. This is bad.

However, regardless of the goals, I have had a fabulous six months worth of reading! I’ve hardly abandoned any books, I’ve read a healthy amount of older novels and not JUST new releases. I’ve discovered new authors I love, finished a series I love and explored various genres. I’d say I’m doing pretty well thus far!

And I am really planning on getting back on track reading-goal wise this month, since I will be spending a week reading on a beach and will undoubtedly bring WAY too many books.

How are you doing with your reading goals thus far? I’d love to hear it!


11 thoughts on “Progress Report 1.0

  1. I’m glad you an keep reading goals in perspective. It’s supposed to be fun, right? I’m way ahead on my number of books goal and my goal to read more books set outside the US or UK, but I haven’t made much progress in my determination to read more non-fiction, more classics and more poetry.

    • Those are awesome goals! And it definitely is supposed to be fun :). I know some people find goals restricting but I take mine so lightly that it’s more of a guideline I make myself lol. So awesome that you are ahead of your goals! Jealous ;).

      • It’s just been a good year for me. Ironic because I’m focused more on the goals concerning expanding my reading horizons than the numbers goals.

  2. Glad to see you’re not beating yourself up about now being on-track with your goals! After all, enjoying what you’re reading is the most important thing and it sounds like you’ve had a great year so far! Although I obviously encourage you to get on that Harry Potter :P
    It’s strange but my reading guide for this year was to actually not have a goal? I’ve just been focusing on reading what I enjoy, letting myself quit books that I’m hating, and not stressing if I haven’t read that much. And I have to say I’m super glad that those were my guidelines!

    • Haha I know, the Harry Potter part is bad..
      To be honest, I am a lover of lists and goals, so I really don’t find it constricting. I don’t make myself read anything I don’t like, but I love writing down books I’d love to read, or ones I have. It’s calming for me :). But I love that you don’t set goals! Targets or no targets, reading is good! :)

  3. Love this post! I’m like you – a real list-maker and goal-setter. It sounds like you’ve been doing really awesome (even if you haven’t checked off every goal yet). I admire you for not abandoning any books – that is a goal I SHOULD have because I do it way too often. Oh well, onwards and upwards! :)

    • Oh, sadly I do abandon books lol, I just have had good luck this year with picking ones I really enjoy! I’ve abandoned a small few. Life is too short to read books you’re not into! I just think my taste is becoming a lot more discernible to me when I pick things out to read :).

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