In March, I posted the first “volume” (comic terminology, woo!) of a feature I wanted to run on my blog called Renewing Excitement. I’m so, so guilty of buying books I am so excited about. I picture all the wonderful hours I will have curled up in my backyard, or in bed, lost in it’s pages. But then life happens, and more often then not, instead of finding it’s way onto my bedside table, the book finds its way onto my bookshelf where it may face a sentence of YEARS without being read. It sounds dramatic, but it really does happen all the time.

So this feature is set around building up, or getting back the excitement about some of the older books on my shelves. Check out the first instalment here :).  If this is something you would be interested in doing, please feel free!

1. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce
Quick Synopsis: An elderly man hears that his friend is dying and writes her a letter, but on the way to the post, he decides that he will walk to her instead. On his way, he meet quite the cast of characters and the book is said to be quirky, heartfelt and a tear-jerker!
When I Got It: August 2012
Why I Was Excited: I had just been hired at my job and everyone was talking about this book. A friend of mine picked it up for me and I knew I was going to fall in love with it, but then never got around to it. I honestly think this book will be near perfect for me, if I ever get the guts to put down all my new releases and go back to this gorgeous sounding novel instead.

2. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart
Quick Synopsis: A boarding school story of a young girl turned “criminal mastermind”.
When I Got It: Last summer.. sometime..
Why I Was Excited: I saw this book featured in a book recommendation video that John Green filmed around Christmas time years ago. He said if you loved the boarding school part of Looking for Alaska (which I have not read) you would love this. I adore boarding school stories and immediately ordered a bargain copy of this, only to place it back on my shelf. Now that E. Lockhart’s name is all over the internet again due to her recent new release We Were Liars, I am starting to think about this book again.

3. A Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
Quick Synopsis: Small town drama and mystery beginning with the death of a man and unravelling through many families in the town.
When I Got It: The week it released! September 2012
Why I Was Excited: This is obvious. Because it’s J.K.! A friend of mine surprised me with a copy of this when it first released and I was hesitant because of all the buzz about it, and all the die-hard Harry Potter fans who were mortified by the grittiness of this novel. Now, I am no stranger to grit and I typically prefer more serious novels, so I wasn’t afraid of that. But somehow, instead of judging for myself, I put the book on shelf and it has been there since. I am going to take The Cuckoos Calling on vacation with me soon, but really need to motivate myself to pick this one up too!

Let me know if there are any older books on your shelf that you need to renew excitement for!


9 thoughts on “Renewing Excitement: Volume 2

  1. Love this idea and I highly recommend both Harold Fry (which surprised me with it’s staying power) and Casual Vacancy. I’m also planning to reach deep into my TBR for my vacation reads, just haven’t quite chosen them yet.

  2. I enjoyed The Casual Vacancy. Well, perhaps “enjoy” is the wrong word. I appreciated it. Actually liked it better than The Cuckoo’s Calling, which is the opposite reaction that most people had! I hope you get along with it.

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