Through the Woods

It’s a pretty common fact that our favourite versions of fairy tales are rooted in dark, often disturbing stories. As you read, there is a budding curiosity that leaves you questioning – what happens if our protagonist doesn’t make it out of the cave? What if the monsters under the bed actually get him or her? That’s where you pick up this stunning graphic novel by fellow Canadian, Emily Carroll.

Through the Woods begins with that exact curiosity. The opening pages show a young girl, reading in bed late at night and wondering about the darkness beneath her bed. From there, you are thrust into some of the creepiest, gorgeous and gruesome stories you will ever read! These stories have no fairy godmothers and no magical pumpkins, but there are hauntings and dark holes deep in the forest. The contrast of Carroll’s magnificent art to the bone-chilling tales makes Through the Woods utterly unputdownable.

After finishing the book, I spent days flipping through to re-read sections and ponder the imagination that constructed such a unique and mystifying concept. I have put it into the hands of plenty of coworkers and have sent recommendations to all of my book-loving friends. On your way to the bookstore, ponder this: Little Red Riding Hood made her way through the woods, but some don’t. Let’s hope you will be one of the lucky ones.



7 thoughts on “Raving Review: Through the Woods

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  3. I just finished this book tonight (read one story each night over the week. It was hard to put it down, though!) and I can’t thank you enough for this recommendation! Absolutely LOVED it.

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