(Disclaimer: I haven’t written in a while and have lots to say. This is very long..)

Do you ever look over your bookshelf and instead of seeing a bunch of wonderful books you’ve read, you see the stages of your life? My shelves not only demonstrate my love for literature, but they also are an archive of my life. Though I don’t have the best memory ever, I do remember where every single book on my shelf came from, and most of them have some sort of story tied into either the purchase of it, or where I was (physically or mentally) when I read it. I have countless chicklit books (which line one of my shelves almost exclusively in pink) that remind me of high school and how I was fascinated by the idea of these working women falling in love. I was so much younger than the protagonists but it put dreams in my head of all the wonders that lay past high school graduation.

Then of course, by the time I actually graduated, I had also moved on from chicklit and was now reading biographies and more emotional contemporary fiction. I learned about Marie Antoinette, Afghanistan, and the court system, and I went off to university with high hopes of being a writer myself. Those years are full of literary works, sonnets and the odd writer’s guides that I would purchase and not read.

Now, I feel like a jack of all trades. I look at my shelves (which have grown exponentially over the past few years of working in the book industry, but which still contain my stacks of chicklit and the odd biography) and see a little bit of everything: comic books, fantasy and science fiction, young adult series, numerous versions of Harry Potter, graphic novels, mysteries, horror, you name it. I love the worlds you learn about and travel to in books, and am extremely proud of all the worlds that exist on these long wooden planks.

That was all I could think about when I went to start this post. I have gathered quite a few new books in the past month or so and love the variety in this stack of books! I can’t wait to get started on all of these (since I’m already in the middle of 8 books.. we will pretend I haven’t already started two..)

Comics first! I first heard of Runaways from Ronnie, who has one of the best BookTube channels in existence (in my humble opinion!) and was so excited when my coworker passed this copy onto me. I’m about 1/4 of the way through and adore it! The premise is about a bunch of kids whose parents get together once a year to have a “charity contribution” meeting. One year, their kids decide to spy on them, and witness them, dressed as if it was Halloween, murdering a young woman. Turns out their parents are evil super villains and the kids must do something about it! It is so much fun and absolutely fantastic!

Black Science was a recommendation from the publisher and has been getting a TON of press in the comic book world. “Anarchist scientist has punched a hole through the barriers between dimensions, allowing travel to all possible universes.” Sign me up!

And of course, Trillium is Jeff Lemire’s newest graphic novel (also about space) and that is all I need to say! Jeff Lemire is a Canadian comic book sweetheart and I have a special place in my heart for his stories and art which never fail to poke and prod my emotions.

When I finished Through the Woods (Please read this book!) I was in a dark fairy tale trance and went a little crazy. Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives is a short story collection edited by Sarah Weinman and contains work from the women who became the pillars of the domestic suspense genre which has gained serious popularity thanks to a very smart lady named Gillian Flynn (you’ve heard of her, yes?). Weinman explains that thanks to these women (like Shirley Jackson y’all!) the concerns, fascinations and trials and tribulations of women were brought to the forefront of many literary magazines and bookstores. I may or may not have read the introduction and first story this morning and LOVED it.

Next is an old favourite. Hans Christian Anderson! I remember having an old Anderson book as a kid and thought I have no idea where it is now, the story of “The Little Mermaid” (the real story) has always stuck with me. I want to go back and read more of Anderson’s stories and also learn more about who he was.

Next, I wanted some seriously dark fairy tales and who better than The Brothers Grimm? But, I’ve also always wanted to read something by Philip Pullman, so I married those two desires and got this collection of Pullman’s retellings of some classic Grimm stories! I can’t wait to dive into this!

A few of my coworkers were raving about In the Kingdom of Ice recently. This is a non fiction story about the sinking of the Jeanette; a ship sent to explore the North Pole in the late 1800’s but was caught in ice and eventually sank, leaving the crew stranded in the freezing Arctic air.  Despite not being a frequent non fiction reader, my friend insisted that this was told with a fantastic fiction-like narrative and that the story read with the immediacy of a suspense or thriller. I read the first chapter when I got home to test this theory and now cannot wait to continue!

Last week, I stopped into my local second hand bookshop on my way home from brunch. For some reason, this edition of ‘Salem’s Lot caught my eye and I couldn’t stop staring at it. It’s weird pulpy cover and perfectly sized font won me over and I am hoping to read this one around Halloween this year!

Then this week, during a decluttering session of our cubicles at work, my coworker decided to get rid of his Agatha Christie collection – one that was sent to him and which took up too much space on his cluttered shelves. So I luckily inherited about twenty Agatha Christie novels and I couldn’t be more excited! Having never read Christie before, I had just started looking into her work thanks to a great post from Eva at The Paperback Princess. It seemed like fate that this collection ended up on my desk, so I took home And Then There Were None to start where so many people seem to!

And that is it! I piled all of these together to write this post and literally can’t wait to read every single one of them! Gah! Books! *Heart explodes with happiness.*



11 thoughts on “Some New Books (And Reading Outside My Personal Box)

  1. I love looking at “old” books and remembering what I was like and what I was interested in when I first read them! Ultra trashy crime novels were my favourite genre when I was 16/17 and they all sit there in my bookshelf with their black and similar covers, reminding me of when I was hooked on them!
    I read my first Agatha Christie this year and loved it! Can’t wait to read more. Lucky you inheriting so many of her books from your colleague! (:

  2. I love looking at my books and feeling all happy and nostalgic at the things I’ve read. And then sad at all the books I have that I want to read but haven’t gotten to yet.

    Black Science! I have been eyeing the crap out of it, but hadn’t heard any buzz… please tweet at me and let me know how you like it. I basically base most of my comics decisions on your recs.

    (BTW – I got the first volume of East of West! I hope I like it!)

    • Ooooo! Don’t be put off by East of West at the beginning — it is uber confusing but stick with it (and enjoy the stunning art in the process!).

      I will definitely get to Black Science this week and let you know! I’m so honoured that you’re getting recs from me haha ;).

  3. Thanks for linking to my post! I’m so excited for you to start reading (and hopefully loving) Agatha Christie! And Then There Were None is fantastic. It’s such a clever story!

    Like you, I too look at my shelves and feel like I’m looking at an overview of my life. I love sitting and staring at all my books – they feel like an accomplishment!

  4. Woohoo! So many exciting new books!

    I also bought Black Science recently! I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard great things about it! :)

    I’ve been meaning to read Salem’s Lot for the past two Halloweens now…so hopefully I’ll finally get around to it this year? Maybe we can read it together so we can text each other whenever we are getting creeped out haha!

    I also bought a copy of And Then There Were None last October from BMV Books during a trip to Toronto! I brought it up north with me to read but didn’t get around to it. Hopefully soon!

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