Supernatural Enhancements

Fact: The Supernatural Enhancements is so much fun.

I knew immediately, based on the House of Leaves/ Night Film-esque format of it, that I had to read this book. Composed of diary entries, letters, scribbled dialogue and bits of research, Edgar Cantero’s first novel in english is a rollercoaster ride of intrigue and mystery.

The novel begins with A, our monosyllabic named narrator who is in his early 20’s and has just inherited a mansion in Virginia from his second cousin twice removed. So what if he had no idea this man, Ambrose Wells, even existed? He drops out of school and with his friend and protector, a mute teenaged goth girl named Niamh, moves across the world.

Niamh and A set to work immediately, attempting to discover the secrets of this extremely mysterious house. They know one thing: Ambrose Wells committed suicide, throwing himself out the third floor bedroom window at the age of fifty … just like his father.

The town is alive with gossip about the home: rumours that Wells was part of a cult or a Mason, ghost stories about the previous owners of the home who may have done horrific things inside the house. Niamh and A work diligently night and day to uncover the secrets and expose the truth behind the walls of this mansion.

Part fun romp through a haunted mansion, part conspirator mystery, part horror (hello, the end is pretty crazy), this book has a little bit for everyone. Though I found the end to be a bit rushed and gave me the creeps, the journey and discovery made the read worthwhile!

I tossed back and forth between a 3 and a 4 star rating, and have settled on (despite Goodreads) a 3.5! Also, I’ve forgotten to mention, but the physical book is stunningly beautiful. I also truly appreciate that everything you see on the cover has significance in the book, from the gigantic eye, to the dog behind the gates. Fantastic design!


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