I’ve talked endlessly about my reading patterns on this blog, and am no stranger to my own goals to curb some of my bad habits.  Perhaps my most frequented habit is reading way too much at once. I have a tendency for what I refer to as “book jealousy”. I will be reading and supremely enjoying a book, only to hear of someone reading and loving something else, and am immediately struck with the desire to drop everything and read that book now.

Back when I lived at home, had very few friends who enjoyed reading and was ignorant to the dominance that Goodreads would have in my life in a few years time, I had no problem picking up one book at a time. Now, I drown in half-read books. Not to mention that the fall is typically the best book time of the year, both for publishing and for reading. The stack of books that live beside my bed is on it’s way to being named Toronto’s first mountain.  I shall call it, Mount Readmore.

So here is the list of books I am currently reading, partnered with the embarrassing start date and my current place in the book.  Beware.



Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is fantastic. I started this two weeks ago, and have been recommending it left, right and centre without even being finished. Two of my coworkers started and finished on my recommendation even before I finished. Clearly I need to up my game (reading a million books at once also means you move through things ridiculously slowly.) Also, put this on your list of to-reads. It’s so interesting!
Currently on page 137 of 241

I began Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives accidentally. My friend got a copy for me and I had been dying to read it, but wanted to wait until I had less books in my currently reading stack (ha!). Then I woke up way too early one morning and thought I’d just skim through it. I read the intro and the first story and was hooked. I haven’t picked it up since then (last month) but stare at it longingly at least once a day.
Currently on page 23 of 352 (Intro was in roman numerals.)

The Ploughmen is a perfect example of my book jealousy problems. I saw a one-line status update from the lovely Bonnie @ For the Love of Words on Goodreads and immediately picked it up. I was in the mood for something a little deeper and perhaps darker and this fit the bill. I read it for a few days until the Giller was announced and Frances Itani took over.
Currently on page 48 of 256

I started Jennifer, Gwyneth and Me before leaving for vacation in July. I read it for two days, hoping, because it was short, that I could finish it before I left. I didn’t. Then I didn’t bring it with me. Then I got home and didn’t pick it back up. I was enjoying it very much; Rachel Bertsche is one of those people I wish was my friend, but it is still hanging out on the pile..
Currently on page 68 of 232

I saw Internal Medicine mentioned on BookRiot and was drawn to it immediately. This is a collection of essays that are fictionalized but based very strongly on Terrance Holt’s experiences as a hospital doctor. In another life, had I not been so squeamish around .. well, everything, I would have loved to work in a hospital, and I have an extraordinary respect and admiration for those who do (most of them at least). I read the first few pages of this before deciding that it deserved to be my main book and I didn’t want to get too into it until i had the time to really dive in.
Currently on page 15 of 273

Ahhh, Nick Hornby.  How have we not met until now? Ten Years in the Tub is a bind-up of all of Nick Hornby’s columns from the magazine The Believer from 2004 until now.  Each month, Hornby writes the column “Stuff I’m Reading” which consists of the books he has bought that month and the books he has read, as well as some extremely entertaining and clever commentary on all the books and on reading in general. I was borrowing the smaller bind-ups (of which there are 4) from the library before finally caving and buying the gigantic collection. I adore it, but also want it to last forever.. so clearly we have a problem.
Currently on page 129 of 464

When the Giller long list was announced, my coworkers and I decided to each read one of the books. I took Frances Itani’s Tell because I have always been a bit interested in reading her work. I got 75 pages in that night, and sadly am not enjoying it. I will, however, continue albeit slowly..
Currently on page 75 of 318

The Cuckoo’s Calling is literally haunting me. It’s that book I started on vacation in July, loved it, brought it home, and stopped reading. I read a few pages each weekend with hardly any progression. It watches me pick up countless other books and I can feel the daggers shooting from it’s pages. I HAVE to finish this SOON!
Currently on page 273 of 455

I have been recommended Runaways many times, which was why I couldn’t help diving into it the second my coworker passed me a copy of this Complete Collection (Volume One). I read a chunk of it that night and haven’t picked it up since. Sigh :(.
Current estimate of pages (no page numbers for actuality) 120 of (Goodreads) 448

So there it is, laid bare for you all. I have lots of catching up to do. But the great thing is, they are (mostly) all wonderful books that I am really looking forward to concluding!

(As a side note, this blog was inspired by a video from PippityBop about her currently reading pile. Kindred spirits here.)



7 thoughts on “The Horror That is My Currently Reading Pile

  1. I just finished Smoke Gets In Your Eyes! It’s great.
    I usually have five or so books in progress concurrently. I did realize a few weeks ago that my enjoyment of a book somewhat depends on how long it takes me to read it. More than a week, and I lose interest.

  2. I very much understand the idea of book jealousy. It happens to me all the time – especially when I’m slogging through a really long book or one that I’m just not loving. But I can almost never (exceptions have been made – currently making my way through The Edge of Eternity before bed because I actually could not wait to start it but I’m still reading another book as well) read more than one book at a time. My head would explode. Hopefully you make some more headway through one of them at some point – I’m going to have to recommend you go with The Cuckoo’s Calling. Or the Rachel Bertsche book which was lovely.

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