I have opened WordPress, signed in, and stared at my homepage multiple times in the past few days. I took pictures of the books I’ve acquired lately with the intention of writing a “new books” post, then didn’t. Then I made mental notes of all the great books I’ve read lately in hopes to write a review post, then didn’t. Then I thought about doing an update on my yearly goals as the year begins to wind down, but decided not to. Truth be told, I have no idea what to write about. Things have been going well lately! Work has finally started to steady out heading into the holiday season, I’ve been out with friends a lot and having lots of fun socializing, I’ve read fantastic books lately. And yet, I have nothing of note to say!

Since I have no real overall message, I thought I would return to my favourite form of randomness: bullet points! Here are a few bits and pieces of books and my life lately!

17944* I am currently reading .. wait for it.. NINE books. NINE!?  Who does that?! (Me, obviously.) I am both invigorated and infuriated. I can’t wait to get further into them all, but spend a good 10 minutes deciding which one to choose before bed, then passing out after 5 minutes anyway because sleep has become my favourite past-time. I think my next year’s goal will be to never have more than 3 books MAXIMUM on the go at once. Sounds reasonable, I say!

* A few weeks ago, I went to a university book sale with some of my friends/coworkers and found the coolest, old-school cover of The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger EVER! I haven’t been able to stop staring at it for days. I feel like the Eye of Sauron belongs on top.

* I have taken a very serious interest in food lately. Last weekend, I got into a baking mood and made Oatmeal Scotchies for myself and Skor bars for Jay. We tend not to agree on baked goods so it was necessary, of course, to make both. Then on Sunday, I made a Red Lentil, Curry and Coconut soup for dinner and all my humbleness went OUT the window. I paraded around the apartment patting myself on the back because I have never made something so delicious before. (This also happened after I dropped my first batch of Oatmeal Scotchies on the floor and I really needed a win.) Then yesterday for a friends birthday, I made Death by Oreo Cupcakes. I have, irrationally, been fantasizing about opening my own bake shop. My own bake shop that will carry a total of 3 things, including the soup of the day which will undoubtably be Red Lentil, Curry and Coconut soup .. every day.

* I am in love with Taylor Swift’s new album. WAIT! PLEASE DON’T GO! I know I just lost a ton of you with that statement but please let me explain. I have a complicated relationship with Swifty. Complicated in the sense that I hate the reactions I get when I admit to liking her, and also her dating life ruling my internet feed drives me UP THE WALL, but every time she has a new album, I spend hours singing to myself in the bathroom. This was no exception. After a coworker asked if I’d heard the new album (to which I replied “Nah, not sure if I’m as big of a fan anymore” LIES!), I gave it a listen. At first, I thought it was too pop-y. Fast forward to five hours later and it’s 10pm, I’m putting on red lipstick instead of taking OFF my makeup to go to bed, and singing “YOU’VE GOT THAT JAMES DEAN DAYDREAM LOOK IN YOUR EYES” to myself in the mirror above the sink.  Clearly my Swifty days are not over yet, and I am still a teenager under this “mature” facade.

* I have come to the conclusion that I, scaredy cat of all scaredy cats, may not be scared by books. Firstly though, I want to differentiate between scary and disturbing. Bump in the night is scary. Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places is disturbing. I am easily disturbed, but I’m beginning to find that I’m not too easily scared. When it comes to films, a little suspense noise and I’m cowering under a blanket, but in October, I read ‘Salem’s Lot with my friend Natalie over at Browsing Bookshelves and when we finished the book, we both marvelled at how not scared we actually were. Stephen King is THE KING of horror! Danny Glick should have scared the daylights out of me. And yet, though I found it a great, creepy image, I still slept pretty well that night. Now, I’m not asking for nightmares, but I do wish I got a little goosebump here or there. Natalie wrote a wonderful blog post about this whole experience and words it much better, so check it out here!

And that’s all I can think of for today! I hope you are all doing really well and I will think of something more cohesive and bookish to write about soon :).


5 thoughts on “I Am Here to Report That There is Nothing to Report

  1. Oh I know this feeling. I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for weeks and I’ve read some great books that I could write about… but I’ve tried and it’s like I can’t?
    I’m also obsessed with 1989 at the moment. This album is the only thing that’s keeping my spirits up seeing as I’ve been ill for almost two weeks!

  2. Nine books, holy crap. I usually technically have more than three going… but very rarely do I finish most of them :-/

    I really need to write some posts. A Sarah Sunday, book reviews, mini-reviews of comics and graphic novels… I’m just SO behind and it’s daunting to play catch-up. Stupid work sucking up all my time *walks away grumbling*

    • You are one of the most consistent posters on my feed! You totally have nothing to worry about girl! Also, I will definitely not finish all 9… I will lie to myself and say I will but I definitely won’t :|.

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