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A few days ago, it hit me that we are unbelievably close to December – my favourite time of year! Up until the first snow, it really doesn’t feel like the holiday season yet, so when I saw those flakes drifting past the window, I became a ball of happiness. I put “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” on my phone, and danced into the room singing. And then I immediately began staring at my shelves, wondering what I was going to read through the holidays.

For the next two months, I will be reading a lot for work, but I plan to sneak in as many of my own choices as possible. I was surprised to see that my pile had a lot of darker books on it, but that can be explained mostly by the love of hunkering down with a page-turner on those cold, snowy evenings.

So here they are..

A Kiss Before Dying – Ira Levin
A few years ago, I read Rosemary’s Baby and it remains one of my favourite reads. It wasn’t a perfect book, but I found it so difficult to put down. Levin has a way of creating a sinister air in his books, and this one sounds no different. This particular title has been met with some controversy over the fate of one of its main characters. I’m really looking forward to seeing if Levin’s writing is as great in this! (Also, I found this unexpectedly in a used bookstore this weekend, after having contemplated buying it a few weeks ago and talked myself out of it. MEANT TO BE!)

The Savages – Matt Whyman
I saw this mentioned around Halloween on BookTube. It made me think of a less intense, modern day Addams Family and I loved that concept! I had a tough time hunting down a copy but now I can’t wait to read it!

My True Love Gave To Me – Stephanie Perkins & Various
Last year, I bought myself a few holiday-themed books, and didn’t read them. I have no excuse. But this one is a bunch of short stories from some of the most popular YA writers and it sounds perfectly digestible to me! I do love myself a little holiday cheer!

Mermaids in Paradise – Lydia Millet
I swear this book was haunting me, so now I have to read it! I saw it mentioned on BookRiot, then read a review in Shelf Awareness where it was called Where’d You Go, Bernadette on Gilligan’s Island with a Lord of the Flies bent. Two days later, my coworker asked if I’d ever heard of it and would I mind reading it? DONE!

Revival – Stephen King
Having just read my first Stephen King last month, I didn’t expect to want to read more right away. But I do. Even though I wasn’t nearly as scared as I had expected to be, I still haven’t stopped thinking of King’s writing; his ability to make characters and settings come to life, and his well-done pacing. A former coworker mentioned that he was halfway through this and it was the best thing he’s done in a while made me even more excited.

Dead Wake – Erik Larson
I’m new to Larson’s work, but not to his reputation, and am lucky enough to have an ARC of this. Dead Wake tells the story of the RMS Lusitania, and has been met with some serious enthusiasm around my office. I can’t wait to give Larson a shot!

Gossip From the Story – Sara Maitland
I saw this on Goodreads and couldn’t believe I had never heard of it before! A non fiction book about our fascinations with forests and the magic or horror that they hold combined with fairytales the author re-writes about forests. I immediately put it on hold at the library!

I know I won’t be able to make it through all of these in the coming weeks, but I greatly look forward to diving into them whenever I can! Have you read any of these? What did you think? What are you hoping to read over the holidays?


9 thoughts on “Winter Reading

  1. I just ordered My True Love Gave to Me in the UK edition, it’s sooooo beautiful. So I hope to read that, as well as Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares, and finish up The Infernal Devices trilogy and my reread of Harry Potter! I think that will provide me with the perfect mix of holiday contemporaries and fantasy that I crave this time of the year.

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