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Every year, we revel on how quickly last year went, and the older we get, the faster they seem to go. This year was a particularly difficult year for so many of my close friends and family, and some major changes happened in my own household as well. This is why I chose the quote above to open this post. The New Year gives us all a reason to begin dreaming of happy things and pleasant opportunities on the horizon for ourselves and our loved ones.  I hope you all have wonderful things in store!

And now, of course, let’s address some book-related New Years-ness. I absolutely love the creation of goals for my reading every January. I take a long hard look at my previous year in books (reading them, buying them, etc) and make some tweaks and changes to hopefully keep myself on the track I want to be on with my reading.

Let’s begin with the facts of 2014:
* I read 61 books, which is quite a drop from my goal of 85. I raised my goal at the end of January due to the sheer amount of comics I was blowing through. However, toward the middle of the year, I began to steer a bit away from comics and more heavily into novels. My interests are ever-changing, so maybe making my goal based on what I assumed I would read was not the best idea. That being said, I’m still happy with the 61!
* I read an average of 4 books a month, give or take a few.
* I acquired an astronomical amount of books this year, both from work and from buying excessive amounts for myself. My shelf space is gone and this needs to be rectified in the New Year!
* I am finishing the year with 6 “on-hold” books. I created this shelf on Goodreads for books I had put down for some reason but still intend on finishing. I can’t decide how to address them when I DO finish them as most of them are more than halfway through. Will I count that toward 2014? But then it will look like I read more than I did in 2014. I have no idea. HELP!

Breakdown of 2014:
* Fiction – 19 books
* Non Fiction – 9 books
* Comics – 26 books
* Teen – 6 books
* Kids – 1 book

Trends of 2014:
* Obviously, this was a year of comics for me!
* Looking back on the last few years, the biggest trend I see is a drop in teen books.
2014: 6
2013: 10
2012: 13
2011: 20
I love seeing this because it’s really interesting to see the progression in reading. In 2010, I read hardly any teen books. One of my closest friends began to read them and I completely fell in love. In 2011 I read primarily teen. In 2012, I began reading a bit more kids literature. In 2013, I discovered comics and in 2014 I read primarily comics.

Favourite Read of the Year:
The Secret History by Donna Tartt.
I still reel at the thought of it. More thoughts here.

And finally,
Goals of 2015! 
* Read 65 books! The big one. I always like to go a bit up from my last year’s goal and challenge myself. But my little secret is that I’ve never completed a reading challenge! I don’t know why. I like always striving for something. This year, I am making my challenge do-able, and I can’t wait to finally meet my goal for the first time ever, which is TOTALLY HAPPENING THIS YEAR!
* Read two of my Ruben Toledo illustrated Penguin Deluxe Classics. I have collected all 6 and love them so much. Ruben Toledo is enormously talented. Now it’s time to challenge myself. I am only saying 2 because I don’t read classics often and these will undoubtedly take me a long time to get through. One will definitely be Jane Eyre and the other will either be Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice!
* Continue with the Harry Potter love!  This year I challenged myself to read the entire series (well, 2-7 because I had already read 1 in 2013) and completely failed. I got very distracted and only read book 2. Eeeeek. But, now I’m ready and can’t wait to spend hours at Hogwarts this year. I treated myself to some Harry Potter amazingness this Christmas, so I’ve decided to read each book, and watch the movie right after, and hopefully by next December, I will be able to get myself the Page to Screen book and finally read Harry, A History!
* Read as many books as I can off the 15 Books to Read in 2015 list!
* And lastly, an odd one. I want to read Bradbury Stories in it’s entirety. A few stories a month is totally doable. I’ve always wanted to read Ray Bradbury and so now, I will!

PHEW! That was the longest post. Hopefully you guys had an absolutely wonderful New Years Eve and please let me know about any goals you have in the comments! Here’s to a year of wonderful books! May it be every bit of the adventure you deserve!



9 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (And Some Goals!)

    • They are almost too pretty to read, eh? I tried carrying one around with me and fretted so much about ruining it that I decided I would only read it at home, and then never ended up reading any of them. I can’t wait to finally get into them! I hope you do too :).

    • No shame!! 51 is wonderful! Breaking down what I read, I really only read 35 full length books, and the rest were graphic novels. So if we are talking page count, you kicked my butt!

  1. These are some wonderful reading goals! I’m so excited to enter the world of Hogwarts. I did in 2014 and it was a wonderful decision. Happy 2015 Chels xo

    • I loved reading about your progression through the Harry Potter books! I had ever intention of reading them along with you last year but that didn’t go so well. Best of luck with your Anne goals this year :)!

  2. Woooo comics!!! :)

    For the “on-hold” ones… are they books that you do actively want to keep reading, or are they only “on-hold” because you feel like you SHOULD finish them, even though you didn’t necessarily feel like continuing? Don’t be afraid to DNF :) If you do want to keep reading… I’d try to finish them soon and then count them towards your 2015 stats! Maybe switching to a different format for them (to digital or audio) would help you continue on with them?

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