(A bit delayed, but still!) I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your loved ones and that you enjoyed many hours of happiness doing whatever you do to celebrate!  Now.. you knew this was coming.

I clearly have a book buying problem, which we all know, acknowledge and can now ignore for the next few minutes. This will be addressed in my 2015 Goals post!  Now, let’s move on.

I love to buy books at Christmas. It is my favourite time to go into the bookstores surrounding my parents house and revel in all the wonders that surrounded me growing up. I use whatever money I have put aside for myself, or  received from generous friends and family, and treat my self (or my shelf, I suppose!)

This year, I got an eclectic bunch of books and I am so excited. (Especially since this is all I will be buying for a while thanks to new plans!)

The Long-Winded Lady by Maeve Brennan
I read a book called Spinster this month. You will hear A LOT about it in the future. But for now, all I will say is that Maeve Brennan is talked about extensively in the book and it has inspired me to pick up her articles, which are collected into this volume. (I can’t wait to tell you all about Spinster.. soon!)

My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me by Various Writers
This is a collection of fairytale retellings by an assortment of creative, modern day writers. I can’t wait to dive into it.

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
This was on so many Best of the Year lists and I can’t believe I never paid any attention to it until now. It sounds absolutely wonderful.

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
I have a copy of this from when I was a teenager, and though I love the sentimental value of it, it is not the nicest edition. I will keep it, but I also decided to pick up a nicer edition and plan to read it from the beginning, as I don’t think I finished it as a kid. I think I will love it :).

The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett
I’ve heard countless amazing things about Patchett this year from my friends in the BookTube community. I’ve decided to start with this one for her Fiction books and have a few of her Non Fiction writings at home as well!

A Wrinkle in Time Trilogy by Madeline L’Engle
I read A Wrinkle in Time in elementary school and remember nothing about it other than that I found it weird. I found the bind-up for a wonderfully discounted price and decided to revisit it. (It will also be a nice children’s classic to hang on to for the distant time in the future when I hope to have my own children.)

Harry Potter, The Creature Vault
I saw this one day and spent a very long time drooling over the beautiful art in it. I’m working my way through the Harry Potter series now and loved the thought of having this as a little reading companion. So beautiful!

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell
This is a children’s picture book that I have been coveting since it’s release. I can’t justify buying expensive kids books most times of the year, but the Christmas, I make the exception!

Bright Star by John Keats
This was a total impulse buy. I enjoyed studying Keats’ poetry in university, and swooned over his love letters to his beloved, Fanny, in Love Letters of Great Men. So I thought I would indulge my inner romantic with this collection of his love poems and letters!

Oz, The Complete Collection Volume 1 by L. Frank Baum
I saw The Wizard of Oz for the first time on Christmas Eve (I KNOW!) and now I want to read the books. This is beautiful collection of the first three books in the Oz series (which will probably be all I really want to read). I’m curious to see how the book compares to the film!  Also, I want to read this before reading Wicked, which is one of my 15 Books to Read in 2015!

Bradbury Stories by Ray Bradbury
I have always, always wanted to read Ray Bradbury, and still haven’t. I own two of his books, but still haven’t picked them up. When I saw this huge collection of 100 of his best short stories, a light bulb went off in my head. I have plans for this book. Stay tuned :).

Do you treat yourself to books around Christmas time? Or did you get any books as gifts? Let me know!


12 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time (to Buy Books) of the Year!

  1. Ohhh! My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me sounds right up my alley! I’m going to see if the library has a copy :)

    And glad to hear that you treated your”shelf!” I also treated my”shelf” to some new books during the Book Depot Boxing Day Sale! Woohoo for discounts!

    • Quite a few of these were from the Book Depot Boxing Day Sale haha. It’s just TOO GOOD!! Hope you will do a post on some of the books you picked up ;).

  2. I’ve had my eye on Everything I’ve Never Told You, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! I got a few books for Christmas, I was able to contain myself and carefully select 3 books and a box set. I also got a total of $150 in Chapters gift cards from my family, which I’m so excited to shop with :)

    • $150! That’s so wonderful! I hope you get tons of wonderful books with that :). I will definitely post on Everything I Never Told You when I get to reading it!

  3. I read Everything I’ve Never Told You this year and loved it!!! I want to get the whole box set of the Oz books. They are beautiful!

    • Aren’t they!? I’m glad they put all the books into those bind ups. I had no idea there were that many stories in the Oz series!
      Glad to hear you liked Everything I Never Told You! I am so excited about it and can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it until much much later.

  4. I am absolutely not allowed to buy myself any books in the lead up to Christmas. But I got so many wonderful books from family and friends that I didn’t even feel like I missed out.
    You are probably the only other person I know who didn’t see The Wizard of Oz until they were an adult. I so know the feeling of wanting to run out and read the whole series.
    I LOVE The Patron Saint of Liars. Funny enough I just finished Patchett’s Bel Canto this morning. She’s an author I also didn’t read for forever, but when I did, I loved her. Her endings are sometimes a little abrupt but in general the reading experiences are good ones.
    I can’t wait to hear about Spinster!

    • I can’t wait to talk about Spinster! It doesn’t come out until April so I feel like things I say now may be lost by then so I am attempting to wait but it’s difficult lol. It was absolutely fantastic though – gah!
      I’m so glad to hear you loved Patron Saint of Liars! I have been accumulating Patchett’s books without ever having read her, which may not be the best idea… but I FEEL like I will love them. So hearing you loved it makes me feel much better about it lol.
      And YES! I had always felt like I had seen The Wizard of Oz, but when I watched it, I realized I never had. You are not alone :).

  5. My Mother She Killed Me is an excellent collection – it introduced me to some new favorite authors when I first read it. And enjoy I Capture The Castle! One of the best narrators around. I can’t wait to read The Sleeper and the Spindle, myself.

    It’s lovely that you go to bookshops to spend your Christmas money, and I’m sure they appreciate seeing you.

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