The very shelves themselves.

The very shelves themselves.

TBRs are perhaps one the most talked about things on both BookTube and the book blogosphere. They incorporate two very important parts of our bookish lives: how many books we own and our personal book buying habits. For me, both of these things have become a bit unmanageable in the past few years.

I came to the shocking conclusion that most of my book buying is redundant when I made my 2014 calculations. Over the year, I kept track of every single book that came into my home, whether as a gift or a purchase I made for myself. It totalled 112.

Of those 112, I only actually read 16. That is a measly 14%. Wow.

I estimate that I probably donated about 40 books to charity over the year, but that still brings me to a pretty crazy total.

NTBRow, onto some TBR stats. I shy away from discussing my TBR with people, not because I’m ashamed of it but because so many other people are. I am met with appalled faces when I tell people that I own about 350 books I haven’t read. These books fill two bookcases in my living room (or they DID until I had to reorganize). In my room is another bookcase where I keep my “read” books, and I tend to only keep ones I have loved or ones that have a special memory attached to them.

Though my TBR doesn’t embarrass me, I do need to make some changes because there is no way I am going to fit more books into my house. My fiance tells visitors that it won’t be long before they see us on Hoarders. I have my own private library at home that I desperately need to start using. The great thing is, I can’t wait to read them all! I spent this weekend going through each and every book on those shelves and making a donation pile of things I honestly didn’t think I would ever get to. Now, all that is left are the things I do truly want to read, and I’ve decided that this is the year to knock a ton off my list.

I’m not going on a “ban” because that is just too restrictive, but I am making sensible, self-disciplined goals. I will keep up with my tracking of books that enter my home, and also of all the books I do read, which ones have come from those two bookcases. I have a good feeling about it. Onward!

Let me know your feelings on TBRs? Do you mind having one or does its mere presence give you anxiety (most of my friends are in the latter category)? Also, what is your number one pick from your TBR that you can’t wait to read? Mine is The Family Fang, which I still can’t believe I’ve yet to read!


5 thoughts on “TBR Projects

  1. At least your TBR bookcases look pretty! 350 books that you own that you haven’t read?! I’m going to tell my husband about this so that he gets some perspective on my habit. Most of the books that I own I have read. Maybe 30-40 that I haven’t. And they do haunt me. The TBR list that I have written down is longer but still – it takes a lot for me to actually write a book on my list. I like the freedom to go to the bookstore or the library and still pick up whatever strikes my fancy in that moment and I don’t think I could do that if I had piles and piles of books unread at home.

    The TBR book I’m most excited to read? That’s HARD. I think it must be The Silent Wife.

    I can’t believe you still haven’t read The Family Fang! Get on it!

    • I probably should have included that I have a bookish job so that helps fuel things lol. But yes, you can use me as an example haha. I only tend to keep books I love, so my “read” shelf is smaller. I completely understand the haunting. I like to think that if someday I don’t have a bookish job, I will be set for life with reading material :).
      And I KNOWWWW! The Family Fang is what haunts me lol. I have it sitting beside my bed. I will read it soon, I swear!
      I’ve heard interesting things about The Silent Wife! Hope you get to read it soon and that you love it :).

  2. I should separate my books into read and need to read. I couldn’t tell you HOW many I have that are unread, simply because there are some I forgot that I read a long time ago. (My Goodreads is a tragic mess, let me tell you.) I want to read “Dark Places” & “Sharp Objects” this year. I have a few books I want to reread, since I haven’t for a long time and enjoyed the stories. I have a couple books on my shelves that I want to read that I didn’t get to in high school. This year, my goals are all about quality & not quantity. I just want to be proud of what I read at the end of the year.

  3. I have probably around 175 books that I haven’t read yet, and I’d say I’m mostly fine with it, except I feel a bit guilty that I haven’t gotten to some of them yet. I think I’m most excited to pick up The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, because I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Chaos Walking trilogy and Patrick Ness in general. I also read A Monster Calls last year and loved it!

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