For the past 24 hours, it has been snowing. Consistently.  I woke up this morning to a complete Winter Wonderland and desperately wished for an email from our HR department at work telling us that, like most schools, work would be closed. But no such luck. So I bundled up to the size of an abominable snowman, honed in on my Canadian roots and trudged to work.

As I got off the streetcar, I couldn’t help but think of the beginning of Emily St. John Mandel’s gorgeous novel, Station Eleven.  The book opens during the evening of a strong winter storm as one of our main characters takes the streetcar down College and marvels at the gorgeousness of all the snow. Now, I’m not on College, but still!

As I’m drinking my coffee, I’m daydreaming about my perfect snow day.  So if I were to have received that email, this is how my day would have gone..

I would have taken my time getting out of bed. Read for a while and finished Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (which I included in my January Review because I had every intention of finishing it on Saturday, but that did not happen).  I would have got up to make myself a coffee (let’s say a large one.. it’s a snow day) and then hopped right back into bed to prop up my laptop, check my favourite blogs, watch some BookTube videos, write something on my own blog,and eventually get up.  Decked out in my onesie (snow day essential! or.. every day essential..let’s be real), I would totter into the kitchen, put on some music and bake cookies.  You can NOT be stuck inside without warm cookies. Thankfully, I did groceries yesterday and have enough to make lots of cookies!

I would spend the afternoon curled up on couch. I would lie to myself and say I would get started on the Non Fiction book I promised myself I would read, but really, I would sneak Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire off my shelf and start that instead. Since yesterday was the Superbowl, and too much food was made, I would have leftovers to fill me until dinner, where I would throw together some veggies, feta cheese and go to town.

Afterward, I would have a nice long bubble bath, grab my biggest blanket and force Jay to watch the Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban film with me.  Then off to bed.  Perfection.

What would your ideal snow day be?  Let’s dream.

Stay warm!


5 thoughts on “My Dream Snow Day

  1. My ideal snow day would be Netflix, books and puppy snuggles. A pot of tea, a pile of blankets and all the sweaters and socks.

    But I don’t think I’m getting one any time soon. Our winter is so mild right now that some of the trees are getting confused and bursting into bloom already. I caught a whiff of spring when I went for a walk last week.

    • Your snow day sounds lovely. I don’t drink tea, but I love the idea of it lol.
      And wow – spring signs already? We had a very mild winter (for Ontario) up until now. This is more what I’m used to. I just hate having to get to work in it lol.

      • You don’t drink tea?! How is this possible?
        Spring signs already. I’m sure that we will get hit with some kind of winter when we are least expecting it and then we will all struggle to get through our lives. I live on the top of a (small) mountain so when it snows, I refuse to try to get to work. I will not die trying to get to work on a bus thanks.

  2. It’s funny – as I’m sitting here writing this response, I have a day off work (an appointment) and I’m wishing I’d spent the day a little differently. Your day sounds absolutely perfect and makes me actually want it to snow so hard that they do cancel work. GREAT post Chels. xo

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