At the end of March, as I was coming up with my end of the month review, I decided that April had to be better. I had had a bit of an odd month, and April had a ton of fun things scheduled, so it would obviously be better. But, it has not been so. I have been feeling sluggish. Very sluggish.

As I write this, I’m laying in bed when I really should be cleaning up my house. I have a book to finish today to coincide with a buddy read, but instead I have been watching numerous episodes of The Mindy Project and wondering how half the month is already over and all my aspirations seem to have gone down the drain.

So it has to stop today. (I always feel more liable when I make bold announcements on here instead of just to myself.) I have a few events to go to in the next two weeks that I’ve been really looking forward to, and I’ve recently revamped my wardrobe a bit, so I have no excuse for wasting my time feeling like a lazy bum.

I’ve always loved “clean starts”. I try to start all my goals at the beginning of the month, or the first Monday of the month. I like to imagine that everything before hand has passed and now I have a clean slate to work with. Ironically, it never works. So I’m going to start things tomorrow, in the middle of the month, because I can.

Here is what will be changing:
1. I will bring my lunch to work every day.
2. I will keep my apartment clean and tidy and my laundry at bay.
3. I will finish 3 more books by the end of the month (not counting the one I should be finishing today!)
4. I will try to journal every day for the rest of the month. I was once told that writing down your thoughts helps to keep you motivated, and I have been a half-assed journaler my whole life. I always have one, but I can go months or even years without touching it.
5. I will finally, FINALLY, go get new glasses. For some stupid reason, I have put off going to see my optometrist for two months. Normally I wear contacts, but it has been glasses nonstop lately. Time to bite the bullet and just go.
6. Cut back on the sugar again. About two months ago, I cut out a lot of unhealthy sugars from my diet and the results were just starting to show. But then came a bunch of events and outings with friends and I was thrown right back into old habits. NO MORE!
7. I will find other things to do with my friends and not just always “meeting for drinks”. In the past few years, I’ve noticed that all my arrangements with friends I don’t see very often always centres around meeting or a drink or a meal, which is expensive, and a helluva lot of alcohol. So, time to get creative! Movies, having friends over for dinner instead, walks, going to check out a nice new coffee place. I will have to figure it out!
8. The dreaded .. exercise. My very fit friend at work has become personally invested in my health after I info-dumped too much about my unhealthy habits and lack of exercise. He gave me a simple workout to do at home and is constantly checking in with me. I would love to have better things to tell him, seeing as he is basically a free, more lax personal trainer.

And that is my sure fire schedule to get back on track. Some of this stuff is second nature for people, but I need to make a personal effort. And I will!  Now, off to finish that book. Because 3 more before the end of the month is a big ask of myself. Good lord, maybe I regret this already?! (Just kidding.)

Carrie looks optimistic, and I’m attempting to channel my inner optimist, so this is pretty perfect.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Sluggish

  1. You go girl! You got this!
    I read somewhere once that waiting to start new habits on a Monday or the 1st of the month doesn’t work. It gives you an excuse to delay. So mid-month is good. Do it now. Last week I decided I needed to be better with sugar too (why does sugar have to taste so good!?) – name my starbucks addiction. I get the earl grey tea lattes, which have 4 shots of vanilla syrup in them and I hear that starbucks puts sugar in their tea bags too. I had one on the monday and I’ve been starbucks clean ever since and I don’t even miss it.
    You’re not alone! We’re all trying to be better every day. Just remember that every day IS a fresh start. Like Anne Shirley used to say: “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

    • I do love that quote! Thank you for that pump up message!! You’re so right. We are all trying to do better every day. It’s nice to have that support :).

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