My book mojo has been suffering a bit lately, and I need to get it back. I did a lot of required reading over the past few months, and am finally finished, and so decided to cleanse my book palate with some chick lit. Years ago, chick lit was my go-to. I loved the messy lives the narrators fought to straighten out and the love stories that seemed too good to be true. For the most part, that just doesn’t do it for me any more, but occasionally I will give it a shot. Though the one I chose did offset all the other reading I was doing, it wasn’t what I hoped. (As a side note, I think Me Before You ruined chick lit for me. I seriously don’t think I will ever find another one as good. Ever.)

To get the mojo back, I’ve got a few books I’d love to get through in August. All of them scream summertime to me, so here they are:

Mermaids in Paradise by Lydia Millet
I got this last year after hearing Book Riotters gush about it. It’s a total summer read and yet I let the summer slip by without touching it. A sassy, quirky read about a newly-wed couple who discover mermaids on their honeymood sounds perfect.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub
The same friend who recommended Me Before You to be also recommended this. I wasn’t initially intrigued but the first two chapters were great! I had to put it down to finish some work reading but plan to pick it up and start over very soon. The writing is sharp, smart and really fun.

The Martian by Andy Weir
If that movie trailer doesn’t make you want to read this (assuming you haven’t already), I don’t know what will! This was met with mixed reviews when it first released which put me off it a bit, but now with the film coming, I think it’s time to give it a try. Science? Bring it on!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
As many of you know, I’m (very slowly) making my way through the Harry Potter series. This is where I’ve been stuck at for months. I keep saying it’s next on my list, and then other things bump it down further and further. I love love love Harry Potter and know it will be amazing so it’s time to read about the tournament in the sun!

Let me know what kind of books you want to read before the summer finishes, or if you’ve read any of the above!


9 thoughts on “Books to Read Before Summer is Over!

  1. Is The Goblet of Fire a re-read or is this your first time??
    My husband just read The Martian and he loved it. Suddenly he was interested in making extra time for reading. I LOVED The Vacationers. I did the same thing – I started reading it but I was still in the middle of something else and had to stop. Perfect book for the summer.]
    I have that whole stack of books from the library I want to read. And I’d like to get at least one classic read before the summer is over. But you know I’m such a mood reader that I can’t really plan for reading.

    • It’s a re-read but it’s the last of the Harry Potter books I read as a child! I stopped, somehow, and never started again. So over the past few years I’ve been rereading from the beginning. I love it so much lol.
      Glad you loved The Vacationers! I can’t wait to dig into it as soon as my current reads are finished :).

      • Wait, wait, wait. You never finished reading the series? Like ever? Or just when you were a kid? I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble digesting this. It seems fundamentally wrong for a reader growing up with Harry Potter to not have finished reading the books…

      • Like ever! It is basically my biggest shame as a book lover. I read books 1-3 back to back when I was 11 I think.. and then Book 4 when it came out and then that was it. I don’t know how I stopped, but I did. It’s a really cool experience reading them now and even though the general overview of what happens, I don’t know all the details! I never watched the films because I knew I’d want the reading experience someday.
        You are free to express horror at this reply. I’m quite used to it by now lol.

    • I still have to read I’ll Give You the Sun too! I’ve heard nothing but wonderful comments on it :).
      Hope you get to all your exciting to-reads!

  2. Hmm, discovering mermaids on your honeymoon?? Well, that sounds odd.
    I have yet to hear a negative review of The Martian! So many book-based movies have come out in the past several years… I can’t keep up with them all :P

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