I am a very trusting reader and it doesn’t take long for me to love an author. One beloved reading experience, and something clicks. Browsing my shelves, I realized that over time, I’ve acquired a ton of books from authors I’ve only read once (but loved). Since I know I adored their one book, I feel a sense of security knowing whenever I need a pick-me-up, I have other books by that same wonderful person to read. Though this does result in owning a ton of books I’ve yet to read..  Anyway, here are some of my my most trusted authors.


Nick Hornby 
I read The Polysyllabic Spree last year and loved it. Instead of investing in each volume of the books (collections of his column from The Believer), I purchased the entire bind up, Ten Years in the Tub. Over the last year, I’ve read one article here and there whenever I need some wit and humour. Who wouldn’t want to read Hornby’s thoughts on books? I wanted to explore some of his other work, and picked up a ton of his books at a library sale. A friend also gave me a copy of Fever Pitch (love that cover!). I tried reading Funny Girl last year and couldn’t get into it, but even Hornby fans have told me it’s not his best, so I still feel confident that these others will be fantastic.


Daphne Du Maurier
Two years ago, I read and adored Rebecca. The gothic settings, the writing, everything. I immediately wanted more Du Maurier and have since acquired two of her short story collections and My Cousin, Rachel. Jamaica Inn is still on my to-acquire list, but I’m in no rush. I’m not normally much of a short story person, but Stephen King has proved to me that gothic/horror can be done VERY well in short story form, so I trust these ones. As soon as the weather gets a little cooler, I am diving into one of these!


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
This woman is everywhere, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Her TedX talk, We Should All Be Feminists was put into book form this year and I read it, and immediately listened to the talk after. She is brilliant and a wonderful writer/speaker. I already owned Americanah after reading wonderful praise of it, but decided to also pick up her short stories. Again, though I’m not a huge short story fan, I trust certain writers, and I can’t wait to read Adichie’s!


Nora Ephron
You’re probably getting tired of hearing me talk about Nora Ephron but I just love this woman. I love her essays, her journalism, her films. After reading I Feel Bad About My Neck years ago, and I Remember Nothing a few months ago, I had to get my hands on everything else I could. Nora is a picker-upper for me. She just makes me happy. Some of her essays are repeated in these books, but The Most of Nora Ephron even includes her novel Heartburn which I can’t wait to read!


Donna Tartt
It’s easy to explain owning all of these, because Tartt only has three books. Her enigmatic reputation only adds to her appeal. I bought The Secret History a few years back and finally read it last year. It was one of the best books I had ever read. During the time between buying and reading The Secret History, I was also given a copy of The Goldfinch. Immediately after finishing TSH, I bought The Little Friend (the lesser known of her three novels). I’ve yet to read either of them, but sleep a little more soundly knowing I have brilliance awaiting me on my shelves. (Okay, maybe not but I’m still excited!)


Jon Ronson
I’m not a huge Non Fiction reader, but this year I read and loved So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson. Shortly after, I made it my mission to acquire a few of this other books. I had the chance to meet him when he came to Toronto for his new release and listening to him speak only solidified my excitement to read his other works. And I now have quite a few to look forward to.

So, do you have any auto-buy authors? Ones you may have only read one or two books by, but can’t wait to keep reading? Also if you have any suggestions of which books to pick up next out of these, let me know!


12 thoughts on “Because I Loved This..

  1. Hoarding books for whenever you need something you can count on… I definitely do this! My buy-it-if-their-name-is-on-it authors are Sherman Alexie, Terry Pratchet and/or Neil Gaiman, Helen Oyeyemi, and Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket. Donna Tartt is so so so good, I just wish she had more than three books as I’ve started re-reading them whenever I need a fix.

    • Agreed on the Donna Tartt! Though waiting for that next book every 10 years is a weirdly smart thing. Everyone waits (somewhat) patiently, knowing she’s an expert and it will be great lol. I’ve yet to read Sherman Alexie but I reaaallly want to.

  2. I love this post so much! Trusted authors is a great way to put it. I don’t always read everything an author has written, but there are a few cases when that’s definitely my intention: Sarah Waters, Shirley Jackson to name just a couple. Maybe I’ll do my own post with this theme and shout you out, of course.

    • I would love to see your own post like this! I’m hoping to add Shirley Jackson to my list soon too. I want to read some of her stuff this Halloween.. which obviously seems like the best time of year to start her!

  3. Oh man Chelsea, we are so in sync on a lot of these authors. I actually just finished Funny Girl in the last couple of weeks and I really liked it. It’s the only book by Nick Hornby that I’ve read and if that’s not even his best effort, I cannot wait to read more. Similarly, even though parts of The Goldfinch were problematic for me, over all I really enjoyed reading it. I read The Secret History earlier this year and was blown away. I’m with you – that book is amazing. I’m looking forward to reading The Little Friend.
    And Rebecca. Where to begin with Rebecca. As soon as the weather is cooler, yes! More Daphne du Maurier (also why aren’t there more Daphnes in the world?) I really want to read Jon Ronson. I keep almost buying So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed and then not.
    Jodi Picoult used to be this kind of author for me but I’ve found her last few efforts lacking. Kate Morton, Anne Easter Smith, Maeve Binchy, Julia P. Gelardi, Marian Keyes, Ken Follett and recently Liane Moriarty are all authors that I wouldn’t hesitate to read more of. And of course JK Rowling, Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell.

    • You are so right, we are so in sync it’s getting creepy haha. Someday we should both just blindly mail each other one of our favourite books and see how that goes!
      I read a ton of Jodi in high school but started to feel like they all had a similar plot curve, and I gave up. Though I did love her stories. So carefully structured. But I haven’t read any of her new stuff, so I’ll take your word on the lacking part.
      I am embarrassed to say that I have read ONE book by your entire list of auto-buys (minus JK because, we’ve already talked about that haha). I have Gaskell on my classics to-read pile but .. classics and I don’t get along very often :(. I’d also really like to read a Kate Morton book someday. Her covers are also gorgeous, so that helps lol.

    • Ahh! I’m so ashamed that I’ve only read The Lottery (the story, not the whole collection). I have slowly gathered quite a few of her books and am hoping to give at least one of them a shot this Halloween! Glad to hear you love her so much :).

      • I’m working on that collection as we speak! I’ve only read a few short stories and the novel that I’ve read of hers was We Have Always Lived in the Castle. That was a really good book. I hope you do get to include some Jackson in this Halloween!

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