I’m a person who loves fresh starts: the beginning of a new journal, agenda, the first time wearing a new dress, the first chapter of a new book, the very first day of a month. I spent the last week of August just wanting it to be over, because September promised cooler weather and a calmer month. Then September hit, and somehow steamrolled through. It’s halfway through the month and I feel like I blinked and it’s half over! So this weekend, I wrapped up a few things and got a few things back on track, so here’s a litre life update.

1. My first full week back at work! 
Taking time off is lovely, but it takes forever to get back in the groove. I took an extra day on the labour day weekend to stay in Quebec and visit with some family which was lovely, but (and I may regret saying this tomorrow but) I’m glad to be back in the full swing of things. Fitting a full week into 3 days does not work well for me.

2. I threw a pretty cool Spa Day surprise party! 
My best friend’s birthday was a few weeks ago, and for reasons, we had to delay our celebrations. During that delay, another one of our good friends had a birthday. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been planning a DIY Spa Day at my apartment for my girlfriends. Yesterday was the big day and I’m so glad. It was a ton of fun. Lots of wine was consumed, charades were played and nails were painted. It was great, and forced me to..

3. I cleaned the crap out of my apartment!
My apartment has needed some serious TLC for months. MONTHS. And finally, having a big group over, forced me to clean. I went through drawers and cabinets and vacuumed and even dragged Jay to Ikea to replace a few things. Together, we ransacked our own apartment and it looks fantastic. I love being able to take a deep breath and look out over all the clean floors and dusted surfaces. I feel renewed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

4. I have a roomie! 
For the next three months, a friend of mine is subletting with us. It’s been forever since I’ve had someone (other than Jay) around continuously. It’s going to be different, but lots of fun methinks.

5. I got THE candle!
Last year, I bought myself a candle from Chapters Indigo in the scent Cinnamon and Mulled Cider. The second I lit it, I was flooded with atmospheric feeling. I wanted it to be pouring outside, to open the window a little for that fresh fall rain smell, and to have a slightly scary book to read. I kept the tiniest bit of what was left in that candle for ages, holding out for when it would come back in season. And it finally has. Today I forked out way too much money for a gigantic 3 wick candle that smells like my idea of heaven. And as soon as this post goes up, I am going to light it and read. And as simple as it sounds, I’m already looking forward to it.

6. I’ve got so many good books to read right now! 
Of course this wouldn’t be a real post unless I said something about books, and all I can say is that I have so many fantastic books lined up to read soon! I’m finally ready to dive back into Harry Potter (on Book 4) but I also got a few ARCs this week that sounds absolutely amazing. The Nest is a dysfunctional family drama about a group of siblings who are in danger of losing their inheritance, Sleeping Giants is a previously self-published book  that is scifi/fantasy and was picked up by Random House with very high expectations (and it sounds AMAZING) and of course, Mindy Kaling’s new book comes out this week and the sequel to Me Before You, After You, is coming in a few weeks, so .. let’s just say, I’m gonna be busy!

7. Have you SEEN the trailer for The Danish Girl yet? 
Seeing the trailer a few weeks ago and then reading Eva’s review makes me so excited for both the book and the movie. I’ve rewatched the trailer a million times and tear up each time when he says “I love you because you’re the only one who made sense of me”. AH! My heart!  I can’t wait. Must read it soon before the film!

And that’s about it! I’ve been going and going at full speed for the past two weeks and am finally excited for the slower pace coming this week (I hope). What have you all been up to/ reading the past few weeks? Any good atmospheric fall reading/ activities?


3 thoughts on “How Is September Half Over?

  1. Ah thanks for the link lady! I feel the same way about that trailer! Every time I watch it, I get really emotional.
    I am so with you on September being a fresh start! I willed August away and yet somehow my brain can’t catch up to the fact that September is half over! The weather is finally starting to change out here and all I want to do it bury myself in a pile of blankets, make a pot of tea and READ all the books.
    I cannot wait to read After You. Good lord, I feel like I need tissues already.I still need to read The Martian and finish my TBR Pile Challenge with The Bone Season and The Train in Winter. I want to read more non-fiction this time of year but not anything that I already have.

    Finally, I’m SO jealous of your clean apartment. I have been feeling the exact same way about mine for months. The need to clean out drawers and closets and cubbies and deep clean everything is strong. But my husband and I have both been sick and are taking a long time to recover and the weather was so hot over the summer that I fear it will be at least another couple of weeks before we get there.

  2. I can’t believe September is almost over too!!! I always love September for the fresh start that the new school year seems to bring (even if I’m not in school anymore). The one good thing about September almost being over? October is almost here! And October is even better then September! Hopefully it goes by a bit slower though!

    And OMG Tom and I were totally going to buy that candle the other day! But then we saw the price and put it back down and reluctantly backed away. I’m hoping it will go on sale at the end of the season :P

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