I love tracking my reading. In some super nerdy way, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Sometimes, I just list the books I finished each month, sometimes I list how much I read each day, sometimes I just make lists of things I want to read that month, sometimes I make grand plans on how to improve my reading habits. This is one of those times.

99% of the time, when I fill out my monthly reads, I have read between 3-6 books, and only about 3 are what I’m going to call “novel-size” for lack of a better word. “Novel-size” for me is a non-graphic novel, over 200 pages. Not that it’s important how many books I read that fit this criteria, but for the hell of it, I’d like to challenge myself in October. First, an overview:

January – Finished 7 books, 3 novel-size
February – Finished 6 books, 4 novel-size
March – Finished 3 books, 1 novel-size
April – Finished 4 books, 2 novel-size
May – Finished 6 books, 3 novel-size
June – Finished 5 books, 4 novel-size
July – Finished 5 books, 2 novel-size
August – Finished 5 books, 3 novel-size

So, for October, I plan to read six, yes SIX, novel-size books. October may be my absolute favourite reading month, because fall is finally settling in and it’s perfect reading weather! Like I mentioned in my last post, my fall candle has been acquired and now it’s time to get cozy, go to bed early and read all the eerie things I’ve been hold off on until this exact time.

I have a ton of things I could read, but I think the key to success will be variety. Here are a few of the books I think have potential for making October my first 6 novel-sized book month! As you can see, I’m in a Daphne Du Maurier state of mind.. I was also lucky enough to get an advanced copy of a book coming next year called The Nest. Dysfunctional family drama with some humour and lots of heart? Right up my alley!  Also, isn’t the cover for Slasher Girls & Monster Boys horrifying?! It’s sitting on my desk as I write this and freaking me out.

To achieve this, I would need to average a book ever 5 days. This sounds nearly impossible for my slower reading pace, but I do love the challenge. I think I’ll do a little weekly update post and throw in some fun weekly news as we go. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “A 6 Book Month

  1. Good luck!
    You like reading scary things! I want to read The Birds very badly but I’m already kind of terrified of birds (I scream if they seem like they are flying at me) so I’m not sure this would help? Maybe I will stick with My Cousin Rachel.
    But I’m with you on October – it is the absolute perfect reading month.

    • Lol! Maybe My Cousin Rachel is a good one to go with. I remember reading Rebecca in the fall a few years ago and it was seriously the most perfect time to read it. I want that feeling again!

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! You’re totally right about October being perfect reading weather. I’m hoping to concur a bunch of books too! Ghostly and The Graveyard Book are also on my list….and I’m hoping to find something extra spooky and creepy feeling for closer to Halloween! I might try one of Joe Hill’s books….but maybe I’ll add Slasher Boys and Monster Girls to my list as well! Lots of awesome YA authors in that one!

    • I need to try Joe Hill too! A friend of mine LOVED Horns, so I bought it two years ago, but still haven’t picked it up yet lol. I want more Locke and Key :(.
      Ghostly looks great! And the new Stephen King is coming! Though not in time for Halloween :(.

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